Brief Intro

Gajanan Digambar Madgulkar is popularly known as GaDiMa. He is a Marathi poet, lyricist, writer and an actor. His contribution to Marathi culture was rich in its content as well as high in its quality.


Early Life & Background

GaDiMa was born on 1st October 1919. He has a young brother Venkatesh Madgulkar, who is also a well known writer. He had knowledge of 10 languages including Marathi, Hindi, English, Urdu, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu.


Journey in the Industry

Madgulkar wrote several poetries, short stories, novels, autobiographies, scripts, dialogues and lyrics for Marathi as well as Hindi movies.  His poems have been adapted to a wide range of musical forms such as Sugam-Sangeet (light music), Bhawa-Geet (emotional songs), Bhakti –Geet (devotional songs) and Lawani  (Maharashtrian folk dance).

GaDiMa wrote a much-acclaimed ‘Geet Ramayan’, were he narrated the story of Ramayana in songs. It consisted of 56 poems/songs and Sudhir Phadke had composed the music for it. ‘Geet Ramayan’ became popular and he was named as ‘Adhunik Valmiki’.

GaDiMa had also contributed in screenplay & dialogue writing. He had written screenplay & dialogue for the Hindi movie ‘Jeewan Jyoti’ in 1953. He was the writer of the film ‘Toofan Aur Deeya’. He also wrote story, screenplay, and dialogues for the V. Shantaram’s movie ‘Do Ankhen Barah Hath’ in 1957, which had won recognition at International Film Festival. He had also written Marathi movies like ‘Jai Malhar’, ‘Vande Mataram’, ‘Lakhachi Goshta’, ‘Prapanch’, ‘Suvasini’, ‘Mumbaicha Jawai’, ‘Gulacha Ganpati’ and more.

As a lyricist, GaDiMa wrote some of the popular Marathi songs such as ‘Indrayani Kathi Dewachi Alandi’, ‘Uddhawa Ajab Tujhze Sarkar’, ‘Bai Mi Vikat Ghetla Khamb’, ‘Tujhya Usaala Lagel Kolha’, ‘Ya Chimanyano, Parat Phira Re’, ‘Kashi Karu Swagat’, ‘Jeevlaga Kadhi Re Yeshil Tu’, ‘He Kam Ne Tadila, Haji Malang Baba’, ‘Viththala Tu Weda Kumbhar’ and many more. He won Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1957.

GaDiMa entered in the world of movies in 1938 at Kolhapur. As an actor, GaDiMa had worked in almost 157 Marathi and 23 Hindi movies. In 1942, he worked in the movie ‘Pahila Palna’ along with Baburao Pendharkar, Kusum Deshpande and more. He had also worked in the Marathi movie ‘Lokshahir Ramjoshi’ directed by Baburao Painter and he even worked in Hindi version of the movie ‘Matwala Shahir Ramjoshi’. In 1950, he acted in the Marathi movie ‘Pudhacha Paul’. He had also worked in Marathi movies like ‘Lakhachi Goshta’, ‘Pedagawache Shahane’, ‘Ammaldar’, ‘Jagachya Pathiwar’ and more. He had also acted in Hindi movies like ‘Banawasi’, ‘Adalat’, ‘Jeet Kiski’ and more.

As a writer, he had composed many short stories and few novels. His few short story collections contains ‘Thorali Patil’, ‘Chandani Udabatti’, ‘Bolaka Shankha’, ‘Laplela Ogha’, ‘Sone Ani Mati’, ‘Khrishnachi Karangali’, ‘Bhatache Phul’ and more. He had also written novels like ‘Aakashachi Phale’ and ‘Ubhe Dhage Aadave Dhage’. He also wrote an autobiography titled ‘Vatevarchya Savlya’.


Personal Life

At the age of 58, G. D. Madgulkar died on 14th December 1977.


Works of Ga Di Ma

In a Music Department:

Geet Ramayan

Sugam Sangeet

Bhawa Geet

Bhakti Geet

Tulsi Ramayan


As a Writer:

Jeewan Jyoti

Toofan Aur Deeya

Do Ankhen Barah Hath


As an Actor:

‘Pahila Palana’ in 1942

‘Lokshahir Ramjoshi’ in 1947

‘Banawasi’ in 1948

‘Adalat’ in 1948

‘Pudhche Paul’ in 1950

‘Lakhachi Goshta’ in 1952

‘Pedahavche Shahane’ in 1952

‘Jeet Kiski’ in 1952

‘Amaladar’ in 1953

‘Jagachya Pathiwar’ in 1960



Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1957

Title of ‘Modern Valmiki’ for Geet Ramayan