Prasad Oak




Brief Intro

Prasad Oak is a well known Marathi actor. He is the multi talented person, who is not only an actor but also a director, writer, singer, anchor, poet and a film producer.


Early Life & Background

Prasad was born on 17th February 1972 in Pune. He completed his schooling from Bhave High School Pune. He got graduated from BMCC College.


Journey in the industry

Prasad started his career as assistant directors for the Marathi play ‘Premachi Goshta’, starring with noted actors like Shriram Lagoo and Nilu Phule. He then started acting in plays.

Prasad got his television break in the Marathi serial ‘Bandini’ opposite Mrinal Kulkarni. He then acted in the serial ‘Andharyachya Parambya’. His most popular role was Harshvardhan Bhosle from the popular Marathi serial ‘Avaghachi Sansar’. The show was so popular that it had the nation’s highest TRP rating in 2008. In 2008, he was the contestant of the reality show ‘Dhinka Chikaa’ along with other noted Marathi actors like Bharti Achrekar, Vandana Gupte, Tushar Dalvi and more. Later he hosted the show ‘Nanda Suakhyabhare’ which completed more than 500 episodes. He had also played the important roles in old popular serials like ‘Pimpal Pan’ and ‘Vadalwat’. In 2013, he debuted in Hindi serial in a small role as NRI Jayant Shirke in the Star Plus’s popular serial ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’. Prasad has acted in almost 80 television serials till date. The duo of actor Pushkar Shotri and Prasad Oak was quite popular in Marathi Tele Industry. In 2011, he participated in Marathi SaReGaMaPa (Celebrity Round) and won to became Ajinkyatara.

Prasad debuted in Marathi movie with a film ‘Ashtaroop Vaibhav Laxmi Mata’. He mostly played comedy roles in the movies like ‘Doghat Tisara’, ‘Patala Tar Ghya’, ‘Full 3 Dhamal’, ‘Navara Avali Bayako Lovely’, ‘Pakda Pakdi’ and so on. He also acted in the movies like ‘Kaalubaichya Navana Changbhal’ in 2006, ‘Aika Dajiba’ in 2010, ‘Jeta’ in 2010, ‘Shyamchi Aai’ in 2010, ‘Hari Mazy Ghari’ in 2011, ‘Khel Mandla’ in 2012, ‘Aik’ in 2012 and more. He has acted and directed the movie ‘Hai Kay Nai Kay’ in 2009. He has also sung in the movie ‘Doghat Tisra Ata Sagal Visra’ and ‘Joshi Ki Kamble’.

Prasad had also acted in the plays like ‘Adhantar’, ‘Usna Navra’, ‘Ya Ghar Apalach Aahe’ and many more. In 2013, he played a leading role in the drama ‘Bechki’ which was directed by actor Chinmay Mandlekar.


Personal life

Prasad got married to Manjulika and they have two daughters Sarthak Oak and Mayank Oak.


Name of films

‘Ashtaroop Vaibhav Laxmi Mata’

‘Kunku Lavte Mahercha’ as Shree Deshmukh in 2004

‘Kalyug’ in 2005

‘Kaalubhaichya Navana Changbhal’ in 2006

‘Shan’ as Vihang Pradhan in 2006

‘Patala Tar Ghya’ in 2007

‘Full3Dhamal’ in 2008

‘Doghat Tisara’ as Samir in 2008

‘Hai Kay Nai Kay’ in 2009

‘Ek Daav Dhobi Pachad’ as Trimbak Joshi in 2009

‘Navara Avali Bayako Lovely’ in 2010

‘Jeta’ in 2010

‘Kas’ as Sriram Modak’ in 2010

‘Shyamchi Aai’ in 2010

‘Aika Dajiba’ in 2010

‘Hip Hip Hurrey’ in 2011

‘Hari Mazy Ghari’ in 2011

‘Pakda Pakdi’ in 2011

‘Aik’ in 2012

‘Dhating Dhingana’ in 2012

‘Nirmalya’ in 2012

‘Khel Mandla’ as Sangeet in 2012

‘Gola Berij’ in 2012

‘Ti Ratra’

‘Joshi Ki Kamble’


Names of serials

‘Diya aur Baati Hum’ on Star Plus

‘Bandini’ on Imagine TV

‘Awaghachiya Sansar’ on Zee Marathi

‘Bhanda Saukhyabhare’ on Star Pravah

‘Asambhav’ on Zee Marathi

‘Pimpal Paan’ on Zee Marathi


Names of Dramas or event they have performed at


Usna Navra

Ya Ghar Apalach Aahe