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prashant damle


Brief Intro

Prashant Damle is well known Marathi actor, who is working in the industry for more than 15 years. Apart from television and films, Prashant is also a well established theatre actor who has made a Limca World record for performing more than 10,700 shows for Marathi Theatre.


Early Life & Background
Prashant Damle was born on 5th April, 1961 in a Koknastha Brahman family. He is graduated in Bachelor of Commerce.


Journey in the industry

Prashant, since his school days was fond of acting. He used to participate in school and college plays and competitions. He got his first commercial break with a Marathi drama ‘Tur Tur’ in 1983. Soon after ‘Tur Tur, he got his second Marathi play ‘Moruchi Mavshi’. Both the plays were super-hit and Prashant came into limelight. He was later casted in the Sudhir Bhat’s comedy play ‘Bramhachari’ as a lead actor. Later, he acted in the plays like ‘Lagnachi Bedi’, ‘Sundar Mi Honar’, ‘Char Diwas Premache’, ‘Eka Lagnachi Goshta’. His other comedy successful Marathi plays are ‘Shree Tashi Sau’ and ‘Jadu Teri Nazar’. Prashant has also performed in the shows of ‘Vyakti Ani Vaali’ and ‘Moruchi Mavshi’ in the countries like Us and Canada. Till date he has acted in more than 26 different plays. Prashant has 4 Limca World Records on his name for his continuous plays.

He won his first Limca Award for performing four shows of three different plays on one day on 24th December, 1995. Later for performing 469 shows in 365 days in the year 1996. In 2001, he was awarded in the Limca record list for performing 5 shows of 3 different plays on 18th January 2001. His fourth Limca record was in January 2013 for performing 10,700 shows till date.

Prashant debuted in the Marathi movie ‘Pudhche Paul’, which gave him a chance to establish himself to a lager Marathi audience. Then he was roped in for the movie ‘Olakh Na Palakh’. He also played supporting role in the movie ‘Savat Majhi Ladki’ and won a Maharashtra State Award for it. Later, Prashant acted in the movies like ‘Pasant Aahe Mulagi’, ‘Saglikade Bomba Bomb’, ‘Dhumakul’, ‘Aapli Manas’, ‘Ekda Pahava Karun’, ‘Atma Vishwas’, ‘Ina Meena Deeka’, ‘Madhuchandrachi Ratra, ‘Waajva Re Waajva’, ‘Char Divas Sasuche’ and many more. He played the important role in National award winning Marathi movie ‘Tu Tithe Me’. In 2006, he also acted in the Smita Talwalkar’s movie ‘Anandache Jhaad’. He has appeared in more than 37 Marathi feature films and has won Maharashtra Start Award for Best Actor for six times.

Apart from theatre and movies, Prashant is also well established for portraying some of the unforgettable characters in the serials like ‘Gharkul’, ‘Uchapati’ and ‘Filmi Chakkar’. He also acted in shows like, ‘Be Dune Teen’, ‘Bhikaji Rao Karodpati’, ‘Gubbare’, ‘Saare Saare Gaauya’, ‘Kay Paahilas Mazyat’, ‘Darling Darling’, ‘Bahurupi’. He is hosting the famous Marathi cookery show for more than 5 years now, ‘Amhi Saare Khavaiye’ for Zee Marathi. The show is renamed as ‘Menus of Maharashtra’ and is telecasted in Hindi on Zee Khana Khazana. He participated and won the season 11 of Marathi singing reality show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’. He hosted the shows like ‘Rambandhu Sahyadri Antakshari’ and ‘Tak Dhi Naa Dhin’. He has worked in more than 24 Marathi serials till date.

He is/was also the Brand Ambassador of the brands like ‘Disha Direct’, ‘Shamrao Vitthal Co-op Bank’ and ‘Retired Army Association’.


Another events or social activities information

Prashant is indeed social worker, who has done lots of projects through his social work foundation named as ‘Prashant Damle Fan Foundation’.

Through his foundation, Prashant has arranged Painting Exhibition of mentally retarded children from the Kamayani institute Pune. He has arranged free show of his play for the old age senior citizens. He had also arranged a show for the Amry & Navy officers. He also works for the betterment of the cancer patients.


Name of Films

‘Tu tith me’ in 1998

‘Akka’ in 1995

‘Yadnya’ in 1994

‘Chal Gammat Karu’ in 1994

‘Gharandaj’ in 1993

‘Premankur’ in 1993

‘Garam Masala’ in 1993

‘Sarech Sajjan’ in 1993

‘Bedardi as Prashant’ in 1993

‘Sawaat Majhi Ladki’ in 1993

‘Char Divas Sasuche’ in 1993

‘Vajwa Re Vajwa’ in 1992

‘Sagle Sarkech’ in 1992

‘Ek Gaganbhedi Kinkkali’ in 1992

‘Aikava Te Nawalach’ in 1992

‘Aapli Manas’ in 1992

‘Khulyacha Bazar’ in 1992

‘Atta Hoti Geli Kuthe’ in 1991

‘Aayatya Gharat Gharoba’ in 1991

‘Dhadakmar’ in 1991

‘Bandalbaaj’ in 1991

‘Dhumakul’ in 1990

‘Fatfajiti’ in 1990

‘Baap Re Baap’ in 1990

‘Atmavishwas’ in 1989

‘Pasant Aahe Mulgi’ in 1989

‘Ek Ratra Mantarleli in 1989

‘Eena Meena Deeka’ in 1989

‘Vidhilikhit’ in 1989

‘Aai Pahije’ in 1988

‘Reshim Gaathi’ in 1988

‘Saglikade Bomba Bomb’ in 1988

‘Anandi Anand’ in 1987

‘Olakh Na Palakh’

‘Pudhch Paul’


Names of serials

‘Kay Paahilas Mazyat’ on ETV Marathi

‘Be Dune Paach’ on Star Pravah

‘Uchapati’ on Mi Marathi

‘Ek Rupauachi Paij’ on DD Marathi

‘Bhikaji Rao karodpati’ on DD marathi

‘Amhi Saare Khavayye’ on Zee Marathi

‘Saregamapa Season 11’ on Zee Marathi

‘Rambandhu Sahyadri Antakshari’ on Sahyadri

‘Tak Dhinaa Dhin’


Names of Dramas


Maharastrachi Lokdhara

Moruchi Mavshi


Lagnachi Bedi

Priti Sangam


Chal… Kaahitarich Kay

Gela Madhav Kunikade

Lekure Udand Jhali


Be Dune Teen

Char Divas Premache

Shh… Kuthe Bolaayche Naahi

Wyakti Ani Walli

Moruchi Mavshi

Sundar Mee Honar

Eka Lagnachi Goshta

Amhi dogh Raja Rani

Jaadu Teri Nazar