Nishigandha Wad


Brief Introduction

Nishigandha Wad is a well known Marathi film actress. She has also worked in Hindi movies and TV serials. Nishigandha has acted in more than 100 films till date.


Early Life & Background

Nishigandha was born on 11th October 1969. She is the daughter of Capt. VijayKumar Wad and Dr.Vijaya Wad. She is a doctorate from the University of Mumbai on research on ‘Changing Role of Women in Society’.


Journey in the industry

Nishigandha started her acting career from the Marathi theatres. Her study of ‘Changing Role of Women in Society’ is reflected from Marathi and British Theatres from 1970-1990.

She started acting at the age of 8 and till date she has acted in 117 Marathi and Hindi movies. She became famous through her Marathi plays like ‘Premachya Gava Jave’’, ‘Vasuchi Sasu’, ‘Kunitari Aahe Tithe’, ‘Mukhavate’, etc. After becoming a successful theatre artist, Nishigandha stepped into movies in 1989. She has acted in Marathi movies like ‘Shejari Shejari’, ‘Ekapeksha Ek’, ‘Akhand Soubhagyavati’, ‘Bala Jo Jo Re’, ‘Saasar Maher’, ‘Pratikar’, ‘Ashi Hi Dyaneshwari’ and many more.

Apart from Marathi movies, she had also acted in Hindi movies. In 1990, she acted in the Bollywood movie ‘Salim Langade Pe Mat Ro’. Later, she was seen in movies like ‘Karm Yodha’, ‘Dadagiri’, ‘Janmadata’ and few more. In 2002, she worked along with Bollywood stars like Ajay Devgn and Akshay Khanna in ‘Deewangee’, with Hrithik Roshan in the movie ‘Aap Mujhe Aache Lagne Lage’ and in the movie ‘Tumko Na Bhool Payenge’ alongside Salman Khan and Sushmita Sen. She was also seen in movies like ‘Indian Bahu’, ‘Alibaba Aur 40 Chor’, ‘Shaapit’ and more.

Nishigandha has also acted in Hindi and Marathi TV shows. In 1995, she was a part of ‘The Zee Horror Show’. Later, she acted in shows like ‘Pyaar Ki Kashi Mein’ 2004 and ‘Maati Ki Banno’ in 2010. She has acted in the Marathi show ‘Kulvadhu’. Currently she is playing the role of Sujata Bharadwaj in Color’s popular show ‘Sasural Simar Ka’.

Nishigandha was also the editor of Marathi Magazine ‘CharChoughi’ for almost 11 years. She was awarded with the ‘Smita Patil Award’ for excellence in acting in 2003. She is also privileged with a special achievement award by Late Sunil Dutt for her distinguished career in acting and education.
Another Events/ Social Activities
Apart from acting, Nishigandha has written five books, out of which three have been the recipients of prestigious state awards. She also works as a lecturer on ‘Women Empowerment’ all over Maharashtra and in Singapore and in Malaysia.


Name of Films

Movies Language
Shejari ShejariEkapeksha Ek

Akkhand Saubhagyavati

Bala Jojo Re

Sasar Maher


Ashi Hi Dyaneshwari

Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro

Karam Yodha




Aap Muze Ache Lagne Lage

Tum Ko Na Bhul Payenge

Indian Bahu

Alibaba Aur 40 Chor



















Name of Serials

‘Zee Horror Show’ for Zee TV

‘Pyaar Ki Kashti Mein’ for Star One

Matti Ki Banno’ for Colors

‘Kulvadhu’ for Zee Marathi

‘Sasural Simar Ka’ for Colors


Name of Dramas

Premachya Gava Java

Vasuchi Sasu

Kini Tari Aahe Tithe




Smita Patil Award in 2003