Naughty Gang (Bollywood Review)


Naughty Gang: Comedy gone wrong !

Usually since childhood everyone is taught the importance of high morality. Though many do practise that but a few tend to defy. They refuse to follow majority and indulge in unfair practises. They start getting false happiness doing wrongdoings. If not controlled in time they go out of hand. Writer, director Pankaj Kr Virat has tried to incorporate this philosophy in his new movie Naughty Gang. As the movie’s name suggests the film is a comedy take on this problem. The film starts with credits (these days usually they appear at the end of the film) and a foot tapping song. Naughty Gang tries to essay aspirations of three youngsters as they want to become rich quickly even if they have to indulge in nefarious practices and the director has used slapstick comedy style to put across the message he wants to convey.

Three childhood friends Ballu (Virendra Singh), Raja (Kaif Khan) and Harry (Ramanjeet Singh) grow up in a village but do not seem to have come out of childish pranks. Ballu and Vidhya (Rashmi Mishra) are in love since school days and she tries utmost to change Ballu’s wrong habits. Ballu, Raja and Harry get caught when they try to rob a house in their village. Due to humiliation they leave the village, vowing never to return. But they keep trying fraud schemes to earn quick bucks elsewhere but fails each time and luckily they never get caught. One day they happen to reach Step In Parlour and Spa health centre run by Leela (Vividha Kirti) who is friendly with local don Romeo (Mukesh Tiwari). She is helped by Maya (Monica Ravan) (also she’s a lookalike of Vidhya) and Tara (Sonia Bansal) who together instil fear in members’ mind saying a ghost resides in the centre. The boys’ trio stumbles upon a secret. The female trio at the health centre is defrauding innocent people. So they start blackmailing Leela who unwillingly accepts their terms and conditions. On the other hand Vidhya has gone into depression because her love, Ballu, has deserted her. Her father enrols her into the same health centre and Ballu gets a shock of his life. Does Vidhya is cured? Or Does Ballu change his bad habits? The answer could be found in Naughty Gang.

The story of Naughty Gang lacks novelty and logic and the screenplay is bizarre. The situations required for a slapstick comedy are missing. Instead childish pranks are served as a comedy which hardly fetches any laughs. Story telling lacks punch and the tautness is missing. Cinematography is excellent and locations chosen for song picturing are exotic. Title song is foot tapping and background music is loud at times. Though the runtime is 124 minutes a little more editing would have helped the film.
All-in-all to avoid scorching heat you can go to watch Naughty Gang in an air conditioned theatre.

– Keertikumar Kadam.