On The Ramp, Never Ending Show ( Bollywood Review)


Peeking into the glamour world : ‘On The Ramp Never Ending Show’ !

In 2008 writer, director Madhur Bhandarkar took one and all to the glamour and glitz of fashion world with his film ‘Fashion’. He made a dogged attempt to reveal the underbelly of fashion world. He threw light on the ugly cut throat competition and emotions attached to it through a model’s life-story. Stark realities of the glamour world came to the fore. Director Imran Khalid has made an attempt to go further with his movie ‘On The Ramp Never Ending Show’. The storyline is good and with a better narrative style the movie could have done wonders.
Saket Sharma (Ranveer Shorey) is an Indian settled in Milan is a sought after fashion designer. Since childhood his art of ‘Zardosi’ weaving had helped him making money. A boutique owner Mrs Batra (Supriya Karnik) encourages him for his talent and lets him work for her. After growing up he desires to go abroad to learn more about fashion and after going to Milan, the fashion capital of the world, he falls in love with Angelina (Saidah Jules) and marries her. Together they start a fashion brand Illusions which becomes a sought after fashion label. Both of them separate and Saket comes down to New Delhi. He dreams of creating his own ethnic brand Aryan Odyssey. He meets a hotel receptionist Kriti (Urvashi Sharma) who aspires to be a fashion designer one day. She starts assisting him and together they start hunting for models for their fashion show. Out of work girls like, Archana, Manjiri, Jenny, Jyotsna, Sakshi are selected but during preparations Saket comes to know that his wife has gobbled up all his money. Dejected he decides to cancel the whole project but Kriti, both of them have fallen for each other by now, supports him emotionally and they decide to go ahead with Aryan Odyssey. Will Saket and Kriti, who incidentally gets chosen as a show stopper, be able to participate in Milan Fashion Week? To find out do watch ‘On The Ramp Never Ending Show’.
This movie is presented by Gabriel Motion Pictures and produced under banners U B Motion Pictures and R Movie Krafts by Rajiv Bhatia and Nitin Arora whereas distributed by A J Digital Entertainment. Story had a potentiality but the screenplay and dialogues do not support. The director doesn’t offer novelty in presentation. The film had glamour quotient at hand and propensity to offer grandeur of fashion world but fails to explore that. Music too doesn’t help the film in any way as none of the tunes is hummable. Director does try to delve into Saket’s psychology and uses flashbacks effectively to further the story. Ranveer Shorey has done a decent job but he, elsewhere, has portrayed more hard hitting characters. But he doesn’t disappoint as he does justice to his character. Urvashi Sharma looks extremely pretty and does her bit effortlessly. Cinematography is very good and climax scene is well shot.
If one wants to take a tour of fashion world ‘On The Ramp Never Ending Show’ is the answer.

– Keertikumar Kadam