“India’s Most Wanted” (Bollywood Review)


Surgical strike has became a trend since the success of ‘Uri : The Surgical Strike’. That film had everything to tell the story in commercial manner but here the case is different. Why? Because it is not direct Surgical Strike or an Attack, it is an estimated and unpredictable chase and capture mission. Although it is predictable for cine viewers who can clearly sense the coming events and thus the commercial package is missing.

“India’s Most Wanted” is an unbelievable story where 5 Unlikely heroes saves the billions and never gets the fame and credit for that. Five patriots from a small town team up to capture India’s Most Wanted Terrorist and travels to Nepal without any official back-up. Can they manage to get him Or they fail? You get all the answers in the film. Writing wise the film looks healthy but the Screenwriting seems outdated and melodramatic. As an Actor Arjun Kapoor finally gets a full-fledged acting role and does the Justice to his part by fair Margin than earlier ones. Supporting cast is impressive while Jeetendra Shashtri as ‘Friend’ steals the limelight. Amit Trivedi fails to give the needed musical support. Actually, the chase films which are more curved towards story-telling should not have mainstream music. Editing by Banerjee is pacy if you can exclude songs and unneeded portion. Cinematography and VFX Work is Good. Raj Kumar Gupta delivered a Fantastic film like Raid last year so the expectations level was higher this time and unfortunately he couldn’t live upto them. When you have clear sense and focus on the film then you shouldn’t be using the same old formula because the story is not regular, right? All What goes wrong has been sum up in one line, i guess.

In a nutshell, “India’s Most Wanted” is much needed story for the Audience but the look out by the makers remains average. This script could have been told with better viewing experience, especially from the Director like Raj Kumar Gupta. But it do creates patriotic feeling and sympathy towards the untold and unknown heroes, which is worth a watch.

RATING- 3/5*