“Malaal” Bollywood Review


“Malaal” was never there in my watch list for some reasons but somehow i managed to catch the film with zero expectations. Thank god those Low expectations are surpassed, unexpectedly though. “Malaal” may have convincing plot from the start but loses that conviction in the last portion of the film. Out-dated fashion of ending this Love saga hurt it badly to reduce quality of one good enough, and certainly watchable film. Although I expected some political propagandas to spoil the film, which were never found and i am happy for that.

Coming to the story, Shiva More (Meezaan Jafri) is a Ruffian guy from a lower middle class family who has no ambitions in life, falls in love with a an Intelligent, educated girl  Aastha Pandey (Sharmin Segal). Since we know the typical plot of Bollywood Movies where hero-heroin have problems at first 2-3 meetings but later that hatred turns into Love, the same happens here! A Maharashtrian Falls in for a North Indian girl. Now this is something copied from regional films but luckily not so regular in Mainstream Bollywood cinema. Overall Plot is convincing and it is convincing fully, i mean, one can connect with the characters quickly because of local flavour. Screenplay is realistic and it is presented in realistic manner with the help of Perfect production design. A smoothly going love story almost win the heart but then old fashioned climax with a flavour of sacrifice (accidentally) arrives to kill entire atmosphere and interest built over 120 minutes.

What works in the film? It is Acting of Meezaan and Sharmin, Characterisation of Shiva and Aastha, Production design, Mixed and suitable Music, localism in dialogues and behaviour, realistic screenplay and incompleteness. What goes wrong is outdated Climax, slow pace in second half and director’s vision to end the story. As a whole, “Malaal” is a good looking, fully convincing sweet tale of love but the same goodness doesn’t last till the end. With better climax i mean something different other than mainstream 90’s decade love stories would have made “Malaal” a Good Film, however it is still a one time watch. It is not that bad either if i am not being too harsh.

RATING- 3/5*