“One Day Justice Delivered” Bollywood Review


The stories based on Justice have been tried so may times in Bollywood and we hardly remember some of them. So, the motto while attempting the same story should be different or something new to connect it with us. One Day Justice Delivered based on same story hardly delivers anything to watch. If you look at the script then potential was definitely there but sadly it wasn’t used in good way by the team.

The movie focuses on the investigation and strategies followed by a crime branch special officer to solve the mystery of missing high profile persons. Anupam Kher plays a Retired Judge Tyagi who wants to correct mistakes done by him under the books of law, so he kidnaps those criminals and tortures them as hell. Esha Gupta is that Crime Branch officer who is appointed to find the kidnapper and she give her all time to the case but does she succeed? And what happens next? Watch the film to find the answers. Coming to the acting one must accept that Anupam Kher has used all of his experience to put soul in this half dead script. But how long a film can survive on one actor’s shoulder if the screenplay is like said before, half dead? If there is not that much space or impact available from the writer then how he is supposed to convince the audience? Esha Gupta tries to be that Rowdy and hardcore officer but never succeeds although her local accent was well uttered. Kumud Mishra is decent and so does rest of the cast. Screenplay has lots of mistakes and lacks tight moments which is unacceptable when the film is promised to be a Thriller. That atmosphere is never built because of so many goofs and too simple theories in the writing. An outdated fashion of storytelling works like an irritation when the loud songs and BGM appears for no reason. Music is average. Director Ashok Nanda should have tried something different to tell this important story cause we have seen the same theme so many times before and that too with freshness of that old time.

Those last 20 minutes at the End lifts the tempo of the film up and therefore “One Day Justice Delivered” somehow manages to end up as a below average Film. If you can be happy for 20 minutes in 124 minutes feature film despite knowing the Predictable plot then “One Day Justice Delivered” is one time watch film for you. Apart from that the other reason to watch the film could be Anupam Kher’s brilliant performance, and nothing else.

RATING- 2/5*