“Spider Man: Far From Home” Hollywood/Bollywood Review


It’s been more than 12 years to the end of Best Spiderman Trilogy made by Sam Raimii and we are yet to see a better Spidy film. Spiderman Into the Spider verse made it look better than forgettable The Amazing Spider-Man series, hence standing as Best Spidey Film of this decade. Here comes “Spiderma:  Far From Home” as the Biggest Competitor to the Spider Verse for the Best Spidy Film recently. “Spider Man: Homecoming” introduced Tom Holland as beloved Peter Parker in MCU and the Sequel has surpassed the introduction film by far.

This Spiderman film was different because it was coming just after the Global Phenomena called Avenger End Game, so the pressure was there. That burden was heavy to carry especially after knowing the possibility that Spidey could be the alternative replacement of Iron Man, and Director Jon Watts porterage the burden on his shoulder successfully. World needs Next Iron Man but you know No one can be Next Iron, so just be a Spider Man. The formula has worked. Far From Home tells the story of Spiderman who is chosen by Tony Stark to carry forward his Superhero legacy but a teenage guy doesn’t seems to be prepared for this. As we meet Mr. Beck, how some mistakes of Spidey cost him to put his friends in danger and make him realise his responsibilities takes the plot forward. More details and the spoilers will kill your watching experience, so stop, i can’t be doing this. A good writing meets the breathtaking action sequences, brilliant cinematography and excellent visual effects to make this one a Perfect Entertainment package. As far as acting is concerned, Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal are damn impressive.

Most importantly Far From Home doesn’t leave goofs in the narrative and that intelligence should be admired. Ultimately, that makes it even better film than End Game logically. Those much needed conflicts are there, comedy is there, slight bit of romance, emotions and what not. If you want surprises then you will get that too, watch out for intermission scene and then End Credit scene which promises a bright gusture for the franchise. Film doesn’t leave any chapter incomplete or in halfway. This is why Spiderman Far From Home is a Complete film. Overall, “Spiderman: Far From Home” delivers every freaking thing promised, actually more than expected to end up as Best Spidey Film in MCU franchise. Do Watch it and there can’t be any disappointment for sure.

RATING- 3.5/5*