Thackeray (Review)


Thackeray (Review) 

Biopics have become a trend in film industry as we could see biopics of historical characters, noted film personalities and now joining the race are the politicians.  And who could be better to stand tall among all than ShivSena Pramukh Balasaheb Thackeray! An Interesting events, healthy screenplay on real incidents, fine performances, good crafting and list goes on. And the cumulative total of all these results into a Good and Engaging film called ‘Thackeray’. In Biopics, you already have a powerful script in hand and you just got to execute it well enough with your vision and ‘Thackeray’ team does exactly that. 

‘Thackeray’ is a well known story to all of us, because it is based on Bal Keshav Thackeray who had been a famous political leader of Maharashtra. Film ‘Thackeray’ tells the story of Balasaheb Thackeray from his early days when he bared all the injustice and then decided to fight for his people, for the Marathi Manus. The tale is bounded by taut screenplay and perfect directorial skills. Nawazuddin as Balasaheb Thackeray does full justice to the role, he wears the character with the ease. On the other hand, though Amrita Rao have small role but her performance as Maa Saheb is fantastic. Strong Characterisation and excellent get up of all the cast members is the biggest USP of the Film. Thackeray’s promotional song by Avadhoot Gupte is full of energetic. 

Thackeray had some sensitive and controversial scenes which could have been explored more deeper but it is still okay. Abhijeet Panse delivers one of the best biopics of a politician. Watch it to witness Balasaheb’s power and aura in his own style, and if you think its not enough then brace yourselves, the sequel is Coming Soon…

RATING- 4/5*