“The Lion King” Review (Bollywood/Hollywood)


Animated Classics by Disney went on to cross the age barriers and box office calculations 2 decades ago and are stills remembered after so many years. “The Lion King” carrying immense popularity and high standard was never an easy task to be remade, yet the big names attested with product left us with some hopes. Thankfully Disney and Jon Favreau succeeds in retaining the Nostalgia of Original Animated Classic after 25 years. The quality of original classic can never be matched, it is always about going somewhere close to that level and “The Lion King” doesn’t fail to walk on the right path.

As we all know “The Lion King” is a story about King Mufasa who is murdered by his own brother Scar and then his Son Simba returns to acquire his Father’s Kingdom. It is just not about the revenge, it is about Pride, Honour, Responsibility, being a True King and a Saviour. There is too much in this one narrative along with emotional Bonding and hilarious characters like Timon and Pumbaa. Firstly, the execution of such a big film is done excellently by makers. Disney does not compromise or reduce that Big Scale adventure. One could have never imagined animation biggie coming in live action on this much big canvas. Of course the credit will go to VFX makers as they not only create the fictional world but also made us believe in it. Screenplay having no loo breaks and dull portion is like tremendously turbo speed engine which picks up at the start and runs throughout till the end. Musically it was even a bigger challenge in this remake and fortunately that quality has been kept intact. Hans Zimmer returns to compose those loveable song and you’re gonna love ‘Hakuna Matata’ anyways.

From the director’s point of view “The Lion King” is a uncompromised, untouched and healthy remake. Jon Favreau missed something with The Jungle Book but this time he tried to bring everything possible from the original Saga. As a whole Jon Favreau’s The Lion King retains the nostalgia of Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff’s timeless tale in Mainstream Commercial entertainment attire. It might just fail to stand upto some people’s expectations who have experienced the original one and kept it in heart forever otherwise, new generation gonna experience old wine in new Glass. Exclude those some people and you will definitely like it equally compared to the 1994’s Memorial, oh sorry slightly less would be Great.

RATING- 3.5/5*
– Samir Ahire