Marathi Play “Abir Gulal” Review



“Abir Gulal” is a new Marathi play based on a political genre. The story revolves around the two central characters Sambhaji (Milind Shinde) & Vidya (Pallavi Wagh). Sambhaji is a corrupt uneducated person who comes from a well-known political family, on the other hand, Vidya is an educated women.

The story begins with breaking news that the party has decided to give election ticket to educated women Vidya rather than Sambhaji Patil. This irks Sambhaji & his grandfather (who was well-known politician of his era). His grandfather tells Sambhaji to find out the information about Vidya and have a settlement with her in a good sophisticated manner, however, Sambhaji (whose ego is been hurt by this news) goes directly at Vidya’s place and kind of blackmails her. Vidya who is a strong woman decides to fight elections, however, her mother (Manisha Chavan) gets bit tensed & scared. Meanwhile, it is been revealed that Vidya is dating a professor who belongs to a backward caste. When Sambhaji gets to know about it, he uses this trump card to plot against Vidya but his plan goes in vain. He later tries to blackmail Vidya’s boyfriend but even that doesn’t work. Frustrate Sambhaji, then decides a plan and ask Vidya to meet him privately. When Vidya goes to meet Sambhaji, he proposes her for marriage saying “if she will marry him, they’ll together be in politics without any problem”. Vidya feels disgusted and goes from there. However, cruel Sambhaji comes at Vidya’s place and threatens Vidya’s mother to death. When Vidya comes home, her mother makes up a story and tells Vidya that Sambhaji saved her from being assaulted by goons & she suggests her to marry Sambhaji. Will Vidya marry Sambhaji? What will be Sambhaji’s next step to fulfill his greed? And who’ll win this political battle? To find out, do watch “Abir Gulal” in your nearby theaters.

“Abir Gulal” is been director by Mangesh and he has done a superb job. Milind Shinde has once again shown his versatility and has completely stolen the show by his performance. The lead actress Pallavi Wagh is simply amazing as Vidya in this play. The set designing is done by actor-art director Rajan Bhise. The story & concept of the play is also quite interesting and there are lots of twist & turns. The writer of the play is none other than the actor himself, Milind Shinde. And we must say, the producer Ashok Shigvan has released two best plays in this Diwali “Spirit” & “Abir Gulal”.

So don’t forget watch this new Marathi play (Natak) “Abir Gulal” and also read the article about Milind Shinde’s performance. ( )