Me Anni Ti -Review




DIRECTOR    –      Shivdarshan Sable

WRITER           –      Shivdarshan Sable,Tejaswini Lele

MUSIC               –       Devdatta Sable

CAST                   –      Hemraj Sable , Aishwarya Tapadiya, Vikram Patil,                  Karan Bendre,  Sayli Bandkar,  Nikita Narvekar, Akshay Bhosle, Ankush Kane, Pranali Kadam, Geeta Ghag, Avdesh Bhosle, Ashok Dhage, Amol Panji, Kshama Shinde, Chandan Jamdade, Milind Uke

STARS              –          *  *  *  *


Paramparik varsa of Shahir Sable, comes a new romantic drama about two people who are different to each other as water and fire  who get married and how it  creates differences between them. The play is produced by Magic Hour Creations, Atharva Creations and Adhya Creations. The play is produced by Shivdarshan Sable, Vaijayanti Sable, and Santosh Kanekar


The play is written and directed by the grandson of Shahir Sable, Shivdarshan Sable and Tejaswini Lele. The play delves into the lives of a young married couple namely Ira and Aditya, who by nature are completely different and the play examines the problems these differences create in their marital life. But how love wins in the end and overcomes all problems is the theme of this musical play which has five songs composed by Devdatt Sable. The choreography is by Shivdarshan Sable, Hemraj Sable and Prajakta Sathe. The play has Shivdarshan Sable’s brother Hemraj Sable in the lead role along with Milind Ukey and Chinmayee Swami along with many.

Story based upon the love tringle between Ira Aditya and Agrajaa. This love story we will say its common or already we have seen such kind of story, but the one thing which made it different from others is its simplicity.

Love is not only about romance or staying together, giving some fake promises, love is about staying far from person we love more than anything. It may be sacrifice and that every person has to do. Then only we get to know true value of our love.  To experience such simple and adorable love you should watch Mi Ani Ti.