Moruchi Mavshi



After the success of an old ‘Moruchi Mavshi’ which was released in 1985, Suyog Productions has launched the remake of ‘Moruchi Mavshi’ with an all new star cast in January end 2014. In the old play, the lead character was played by veteran actor Vijay Chavan; whereas in the new version, the famous comedian Bharat Jadhav is playing the lead role of fake Moruchi Mavshi. The play is written by the multifaceted Pralhad Keshav Atre and directed by Mangesh Kadam. The play is hilarious and ends on a very positive note.

The story is about three college friends, Moru, Bhaiyaji and Bandya/Prabhakar. Moru who is insipient person falls in love with his neighbor Nisha. Bhaiyaji is Moru’s best friend, who falls for Nisha’s sister named Usha. However, Usha and Nisha’s uncle, Raobahadur is strictly against their relationship with Moru and Bhaiyaji. On the other hand, Moru’s real Mavshi, Vijaya, who is a Queen of princely state Kanda sends a message to Moru saying that she is going to visit his place. But due to some reason, she is not able to make the trip on time.

Meanwhile, Bandya comes to seek Moru’s help as he gets bashed out of his house by his land lord as he frequently fails to pay his house rent.  At that time, Moru and Bhaiyaji request Bandya to portray the role of fake Queen Vijaya, so that they could impress Raobahadur. From then onwards the fun begins.  The characters like Raobahadur and Bhaiyaji’s uncle Colonel Dongre adds flavor of humor in the play.  Audiences are taken aback to see the arrival of the real Moruchi Mavshi.

The entry of Bandya is remarkable and gets applause from the audience. All secrets and confusions are revealed in a very explicit manner. The love scenes and songs are well narrated in this play. Songs are very well composed by Ashok Patki. The audience appreciates every punch. Laughter and the applauses keep on roaring in the theatre throughout the play. The famous song from this play ‘Tang Ting Tinga’ in a new avatar is excellently choreographed. Light arrangements and settings give justice to each scene. Mangesh Kadam as the director has successful revamped Moruchi Mavshi. The play is originally written by Acharya Atre. The audience has warmly accepted Bharat Jadhav as the new Moruchi Mavshi.


Bandya/ Prabhakar- Bharat Jadhav

Moru- Ashutosh Gokhale

Bhaiyaji- Advait Dadarkar

Usha- Tejshree Sawant

Nisha- Rekha Kambli


Mangesh Kadam