Talyat Malyat -Review



Writer – Abhujit Guru

Director – Abhujit Guru

Music – Shivdarshan Sable

Cast – Abhijit Guru

Amruta Sant

Samidha Guru

Raju Bavdekar

Chinmay Pataskar

Producer – Shivdarshan Sable

Vaijanti Sable

Santosh Bharat Kanekar

Marathi New Drama ‘Talyat Malyat’ is realeasing in all over Maharashtras Natyamandir. this Drama is Suspense drama.Talyat Malyat has 11 characters, Nilima, Ashwin, Raj, Sweety, Robert, Jennifer, Sioman, Tukaram, Lobo, Satish, Remo. in this Nilima and Ashwin are husbund and wife, Samidha as sweety, Raju Bavdekar as saioman & Tukaram, Chinmay Pataskar as Lobo, Satish, Remo, Robert, Jennifer.
Drama starts with a normal Family issue like husbund and wife are fighting with each other. they never disclosed theire own identity in front of each other. Ashwin is an Agent but he has introduce him as a struggaling writer and Nilima is a working women she thinks her husband is writer, and she always motivate him to write a stories, show it to the producer but he always used to refused it. nilima is so tired because of Ashwin’s behaviour and many a times she used to shout at him.Ashwin always wanted to tell evrything true about himself but his assistant Sweety never allows him to do so. At one point Ashwin wanted to quiy everything and he wanted to tell evrything to Nilima but his life gives him too much surprise…
The drama tells us the actual meaning of talyat malyat. and really we are not living we are surviving for someone others and not for ourself. A small problem in our life which we take along with us and it changes our full life. which we never think also. to know what happens with Ashwin and Nilima and with Sweety?? if you want to think different and to know about some important fact about our life. you should watch ‘Talyat Malyat’.