“31 DIVAS” Marathi Movie Review


“31 DIVAS” Review –

What does a good film means? Sometimes writing is good but the execution spoils the scenario and sometimes the script is ordinary but the the execution lifts the film a note higher than what it could have been. “31 Divas” comes in the second zone where the basic script is kind of simple but the execution and crafting makes it a must watchable film.

Speaking about the film, Performances by the trio Shashank Ketkar, Mayuri Deshmukh and Reena Aggarwal have been so perfect that one can’t point out the minuses, you can call it their  Best Acts till date. Other cast members also supports the leading trio very well. The execution and the crafting of the film is so perfectly handled that film doesn’t look boring for a single moment and that makes it pacy and grippy ride which is needed for the amazing experience of viewing. Third point is The Direction that has made this film much better on screen than what it looked on paper. Also other field like Make Up, Cinematography, Dialogues, Editing are good at their work.

However the film has some flaws too and the songs are one of them. There were many set platform for the songs to arrive and win it but sadly the songs aren’t enough enjoyable. Second one is, Editing in the 2nd half, the film looks slight slow after the interval which is the only portion where film gets bit dull. Some scenes looks over the top, going unrealistic and unnecessary but those are forgiven due to other good work done by the team.

Final Words- As a whole, 31 Divas is enjoyable and quite inspiring tale which teaches us that sudden incidents and Blindness can’t stop anybody from achieving their goals. Film may receive some mixed reactions but one must appreciate the Attempt of choosing off-track subject and yet delivering a mainstream film which was Incredible!

Rating- 3/5*
(- Sameer Ahire)