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“Avatarachi Goshta” which won renowned awards like ‘Maharashtra State Marathi Film Awards 2014’, ‘Zee Gaurav 2014’ and ‘Sahyadri Cine Awards 2014’, hit the theatres on 26th December 2014.

“Avatarachi Goshta” is a story of a small village guys Kaustubh (Mihiresh Joshi) and his best friend Mangya (Yash Kulkarni). Kaustubh who likes to hear mythological stories especially of Lord Vishnu and his avatars from his grandma (Sulabha Deshpande), starts believing that he also Lord’s avatar. He starts to figure out which avatar is he? In this process, he tells his best friend Mangya that he is an avatar. Mangya who is superstitious, believes in Kaustubh’s story and starts calling him ‘Deva’ (God). On the other hand, Amod (Adinath Kothare) who stays as a paying guest in Kaustubh’s house is an atheist. Thus, when Kaustubh shares his little secret with Amod, he makes fun of him. Later, due to few co-incidences like when Kaustubh commands tv it gets starts but actually his grand-mother switch on the tv from remote control, Kaustubh and Mangya starts thinking that Kaustubh had gained super-powers like God and he is the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu which is Lord Kalki. However one day, to overcome his fear and to become a total avatar (As he thinks that by overcoming his fears he’ll become an avatar) he jumps from the valley by which he fractures his legs.

In the second half, Kaustubh gets disturbs when he learns the fact that he is not an avatar. To know what happens later, you need to visit your nearby theatres to watch the movie, as the director Nitin Dixit has brilliantly plotted the storyline of the movie.

The movie is well narrated and direction is also pretty awesome. Cinematographer Nagraj Diwakar has also done a fantastic job. The promotional song of the movie ‘Dokyacha Zhalay Bhaza’ composed by Rohit-Sridhar is a total bang on. On the other hand, all the star cast has gave fabulous performances. The two newbie kids Mihires & Yash are outstanding, while for the first time Adinath is been seen is a totally different role which he had performed really well. No doubt why Leena Bhagwat bagged Best Supporting Actress award as she has perform the role with simplicity. Bollywood actor Ashish Vidyarthi has made cameo in the movie.

So this Christmas, don’t forget to take you kids or young siblings for ‘Avatarachi Goshta’ as it’s definitely worth watching!