Candle March



India ranks 10th in the world economically and it is considered as a newly industrialised country, however, it continues to face the challenges of poverty, corruption and crime. And when it comes to crime, number of rape & eve-teasing cases takes place in India on almost daily bases. Whether it be Delhi gang rape or Jalgaon sex scandal, the list of such cases are endless. In today’s world, the sexual exploitation takes place at every level, whether it is corporate world or local areas.

“Candle March” deals with all these cases as the director of the movie Sachin Deo has covered minute eve-teasing or sexual exploitation incidents that take place in society. The story unfolds through the lives of four female protagonists Anurata, Vidya, Shabana & Sakhi.

Anurata aka Tejaswini Pandit, is a Marathi Literature professor who shifts to Mumbai after being the victim of Jalgon sex scandal. Vidya aka Manava Naik, is a hardworking journalist who faces the sexual exploitation by her boss. While Shabana aka Smita Tambe, is a Muslim married women who lives in poverty with her family of husband Shaqib (played by Nilesh Diwekar) & two children. Her husband forces her to have sex without her concern. The fourth protagonist Sakhi aka Sayali Sahastrabudhe, is a young college girl who belongs to a middle class Marathi family. She is engaged with her classmate played by Ashish Patode.

The first half of the movie focuses on the individual life of these four women’s. Anurata shifts to Mumbai to start her new life as previously she had gone through a difficult phase in her life, while Vidya inspite of working so hard doesn’t get promotion as her boss demands for the sexual favour. She shares it with her husband who tells her to quit the job but Vidya doesn’t agree with it. The young college girl, Sakhi faces eve-teasing where she slaps the guy for misbehaving with her. Later that guy along with his friends and a taxi driver Shaqid kidnaps Sakhi & rapes her. However, Shabana has totally different story as she tries to protect her husband Shaqib from cops as she believes that her husband isn’t a criminal. However in the second half, when Sakhi’s parents comes to know about gang-rape they tried to hide the case but professor Anurata decides to fight against the goons on behalf of Sakhi.

The movie is brilliantly crafted by the director Sachin Dev, while Sachin Darekar has wonderfully narrated the script. The music of the movie composed by Amitraj is awesomely fresh. For the first time young singer Rohit Raut has sung a romantic song along with Aanandi Joshi, while SaRaGaMaPa winner Juilee Joglekar has sung s stanza in Shankar Mahadevan’s song ‘Nikhare’. Every individual should watch “Candle March” at least once and should come forward to eradicate rape & eve-teasing from the society.