Chandrakor :



Chandrakor is a love story based on the novel ‘Lavanyachi Chandrakor’. The movie begins with the lead actor Deepak (Jitu Goswami) who is searching for someone with a photo in his hand, the identity of that missing person isn’t shown but it’s quite obvious that he is looking for his soulmate. However, he fails to find her and thus comes at the temple and sits there. Then the story runs in flashback.

Deepak is a quite popular poet from Moregoan, who is been awarded for his poems. His father (Uday Sabnis) is the reputed person of the village who loves his family a lot. Deepak as poet has a habit of visiting new areas especially where he can peacefully write his poems. When he goes to the nearby village Boregoan, he coincidently meets a girl named Lavanya (Manisha Kelkar). In the first meet itself, Lavanya gets impressed with him after he recites a poem for her. Next day, she follows him and both falls in love with each other. When Deepak’s father comes to know about their relationship, he enquires about Lavanya’s family and gets to know that she is the daughter of his school mate. He shares it with his family and then they decide to surprise Deepak. Thus, without informing Deepak, they take him along with them at Lavanya’s place to fix his marriage with her. Deepak & Lavanya both gets surprise to see each other and later they get married.

After their marriage, Lavanya turns out to be a lucky charm for Deepak’s family. They even win the case and get 50 acres of land against their rival named Teja (played by Ganesh Yadav). Soon the news of Lavanya’s luck got spread in village which irks Teja as he believes that due to her luck he lost the 50 acres of land. One day, when Deepak takes Lavanya at their farm, Teja follows them. Later due to some reason, Deepak tells Lavanya to go home alone as he would be late. Teja takes the advantage of it and follows her. She tries to escape but stops at the point of dead end, where he tries to molest her. Rather than getting molested, Lavanya decides to jump off in the valley! Deepak and his family who is unaware about this incident get depressed as Lavanya goes missing. That’s when the story lands up in present as Deepak is searching for Lavanya. Is Lavanya alive? Will Deepak be able to find her or he’ll find someone else in his life. You should definitely find it out by watching the movie in your nearby theatre.

The movie is well directed by Rajesh Jadhav and is produced by Meena Khandale & Rajesh Vithlani under the banner of ‘Chitshakti Pictures’. The locations in the movies are awesome and so are the lavanis performed by Manisha Kelkar and Prajakta Kelkar. Vijay Gatlewar has provided the music to the movie, while the producer Meena Khandale has written the lyrics of the songs. The movie has huge supporting cast like Uday Sabnis, Jayraj Nayar, Ganesh Yadav, Prajakta Kelkar, Honaji Chavan, Ashok Padwe, Meena Sonavale, Rajesh Ubale. Marathi Sanmaan gives 3/5 stars to “Chandrakor”