“Chiranjeev” – Movie Review



Ramesh More’s “Chiranjiv” is a movie based on superstition beliefs of native people in India. The movie starts with the youngest member of the Dhabholkar family (Prasad Oak) receiving Sahitya Akademi award for his book titled ‘Chiranjeev’ which is based on his life. Film then goes into flashback where (Prasad Oak) narrates his life story which he witnessed while he was a kid.

The flashback of the story is about a Dhabolkar family settled in a Konkan region in 1980s era. The family is probably cursed with at least one of the male members of the family to get mentally ill. The flashback of the movie begins with Ganya Kaka (Ravi Kale) who is been chained and locked in house prison for supposedly losing his mind. In the beginning, the elder son of Dhabolkar’s second generation, Keshav (Bharat Jadhav) who is a teacher in school is unknown about Ganya Kaka’s past. On the other hand, his younger brother is practical in life who doesn’t believe in superstition. Later, when Keshav gets to know about Ganya’s past story that how he turned mentally ill, he sympathies Ganya Kaka but couldn’t help him because of his family beliefs. However, after the death of Ganya Kaka (as he commits suicide), his superstition family gets worried about Keshav as they think he’ll be the next victim of their family cruse. Later few incidents take place, due to which Dabholkar family thinks that Keshav is becoming mentally ill. Adding the heat, the fraud fortune teller asks Keshav’s family to have a gondhal to eradicate the curse. The news get spread and entire village starts believing that Keshav is mentally ill. What will Keshav do to come out of this situation? Will Ganya Kaka’s story get repeated or Dabholkar family will understand the truth behind superstitions?  Find out about the truth behind these false beliefs that still exists in rural part of our country.

Director Ramesh More have studied the topic and presented it really well. Bharat Jadhav is outstanding in his non-comic role of Keshave, however, Ravi Kale has stole the screen even from Bharat Jadhav. The supporting cast of Bhargavi Chirmule, Alka Kubal & Kishore Kadam has done justice to their roles. People who believe in superstition should definitely watch the film. Marathi Sanmaan rates 3/5 to the film “Chiranjeev”.