“CHUMBAK” Marathi Movie Review


“CHUMBAK” Review-

From the very first poster release there was a curiosity about this film among folks that will it manage to live upto those high expectations level or not? The Answer is, “Chumbak” surpasses all the expectations and moreover gives something more than what one wanted as a Quality Cinema Lover.

Shot on real locations in Mumbai and some native parts of Maharashtra “Chumbak” is a Story of 3 Characters with different perspective, Balu (Sahil Jadhav), his friend Disco (Sangram Desai) and Prasanna Thombare (Swanand Kirkire). There are plenty of instant situations in the screenplay which shouldn’t be told here otherwise it will kill the Freshness of those scenes completely. Sahil Jadhav and Sangram looks natural in the film. On the other side Swanand Kirkire has nailed the Mentally challenged character from the first frame to the last one. If you are a Fan of Swanand, the Writer then after watching his Portrayal of Prasanna you will surely become a Fan of Swanand, an Actor. Film mainly revolves around these 3 characters so rest of the artist does not get enough space to leave an Impact yet they are Perfect in their limited screen-space.

“Chumbak” is a Fine example of how could writing make a Film Winner with constantly instant spaces along with Enough Emotional Quotient toward the End, hence ending the film on a High note. Pleasant to eyes frames shot by Director of photography Rangarajan Ramabadran makes viewing experience even better. Dialogues are Humorous, makes you laugh naturally on certain moments and some makes you senti as well. Sandip Modi is a name which is yet to get a fame, so now he will receive enough recognition and possibly awards too for Directing this Heart-warming outing with his Brilliant vision.

As a Final Verdict, Chumbak works like Magnet and attracts a Desperate cinema viewer in you. This one is Certainly Competitive for The Best Film of The Year, and might even beat other High Class films came out this year. Chumbak deserved a Support from a Big name and I’m happy that Akshay Kumar chose a Right project for backing.

RATING- 4/5*
(- Sameer Ahire)