Daughter (Review)



“Daughter” is a story of an orphan named Rucha (Rucha) whose grandfather (Udya Sabnis) leaves her at the orphanage at the young age, after the death of her parents. However, after a decade her grandfather comes at the Shastri house in search of Rucha. On the other hand, the Shastri villa is been decorated to welcome Rucha, but the head of the Shastri family, Sudarshan Shastri (Vikram Gokhale) tells everyone that Rucha isn’t coming back at Shastri house. Then movie runs in a flashback mode, as Sudarshan narrates the story to Rucha’s grandfather that how she came into their lives and changed everything.

In the first half of the movie (in the flashback mode), it is shown that Rucha isn’t ready for adoption as she believes that her grandfather will come to pick her back. Jairam the head of orphanage (played by Arun Nalawde) who is possessive about Rucha, tells Sudharshan (who is the trustee of the orphanage) that Rucha needs to learn the importance of family. That’s when Sudharshan thinks to bring Rucha at his place for the Diwali vacations for 20 days. He asks his wife (Reema Lagoo) who instantly gets ready for it as she always wanted a grand-daughter in the house. However, when they ask their elder son Mohit (Ayub Khan) & his wife (Padmini Kolhapuri) about it, they show no interest in it. On the other hand, when Rucha comes to know about this news, she gets hurt and tells Jairam that she doesn’t want to leave ashram unless her grandfather comes to pick her up. As Jairam had no option left, he tells her that she is just a guest in the ashram and one day she has to leave the ashram like every other child. Finally Rucha decides to go with Mr. Shastri. When she comes at Shastri house, Mr & Miss Shastri treats her as their grand-daughter but Mohit & her wife refuse to accept her. It makes Rucha uncomfortable in the house. However it all changes after the entry of Shastri’s younger son Rohit (Vinod Singh).  What does Rohit do and how Rucha leaves an impact on every member of Shastri house is worth watching. But what happen after the end of Diwali holidays and why Rucha doesn’t comeback at Shastri house? And will Rucha be able to meet her grandfather again? Watch the movie “Daughter” to find out answers of all these questions.

Tanvi Productions have produced another different movie after “Gojiri”. Director Viju Mane has done a fare job, while senior actors like Vikram Gokhale, Reema Lagoo & Arun Nalawde are good at their roles. However, the music of the film is average and the lead actress Rucha doesn’t suit as a 15 year old girl. But those who think negative about the adoption should definitely watch this movie as they’ll know that adopting a child can change his/her as well as their life.

Director: Viju Mane
Producer: Tanvi productions
Music Director: Milind Ingle
Writer: Vivek Kanade

Vikram Gokhle
Reema Lagoo
Aayub Khan
Padmini Kolhapure
Arun Nalawde
Vinod Singh
Smita Shewale