Dholki – Movie Review



Producer: Shirish Pattanshetty
Director: Raju Desai, Vishal (Bittu) Desai
Star Cast: Siddarth Jadhav, Manasi Naik, Kashmira Kulkarni, Sayaji Shinde, Jyoti Chandekar, Sanjay Kulkarni, Dr Vilas Ujawane, Vijay Nikam, Vandana
Story: Shyam Sundar Dandwate
Music: Tubby Parikh
Genre : Drama/Comedy
Stars : * * * *

For a good comedy-drama, the film which has already created a buzz is Dholki. It is directed by
The plot revolves around a callous village boy who is fit for no good work but is a very amiable and jolly person. He’s very close to his mother and is looked down upon by most of the villagers. His life becomes interesting and dynamic from the day when he finds a Dholki in the village. Along with the Dholki, he meets Rakma. Here comes the love interest and both find themselves attracted to each other.
Lalya is a typical village boy who stays with his mom. Story starts with a lalya and his laziness, Lalya always used to sleep so everyone used to keep shouting lalya for his laziness Whether Rakhma is very bubly girl, very filmy girl which falls in love with lalya but never says to him at one point they come toghether but lalya’s life gave them big shock, Lalibai enters in lalyas life but befor interval lalibai who is tamasgir become priority for Lalya and what she does with him is really interesting to watch.
Cinematography of this movie is really amazing. Best part of movie is its music and specially ‘lavani’. Actor has played wonderfull role in this movie.

* Why should you watch this movie?
To enjoy thrilling drama to memorise typical maharashtrian movie and to enjoy lavani you should watch this movie.
The mysteries, fun are finely described in the musical tracks of the film.
To find out the mysteries and twists and turns,watch this movie.