Dholki is a film which comments sarcastically on rural, political, and social issue. An effort has been made to put forth in a light vein & entertaining manner; how people with a variety of dispositions around us take undue advantage of the innocent common man.

Lala is a young but immensely lazy lad who will put even the snoring monsters Kumbhakarna to shame! It will not be an exaggeration if the villagers say that they have seen him grow length –wise but only horizontally. They have barely seen him upright! He has become a soft & easy target for teasing. But Dholki is heard irrespective of where he strikes his fingers; be it on stone,wood,ground or even his own self or someone’s body. When he plays the real Dholki the rhythm of Tamasha emerges automatically. He converts devotional songs & prayers into Tamasha.

The entire village is bewildered while Rakhma the Patil’s daughter falls in love with him. His mother Gojakka is frightened. She asks for a promise from him that he will only practice the Bhajan rhythm on the real Dholki. Even though he sings the Bhajan melody , the Dholki dishes out the rhythm of the Tamasha. Listening to his Dholki Lalibai Ghadigaokar & her troup motivate him to play the Dholki in their Tamasha.

The Tamasha artists present a play for him in which several innocent people die due to blind –faith. This occurs due to the wicked plots hatched by the Patil, Sarpanch & the priest, who put on a fake act of development. In fact this is an actul incident that occurred in the village 25 years ago,in which even masks in an astonishing manner!

Why does he sleep all the while?how do his finger turn magical? What all funny incidents occur due to it? Who is Lalibai? What is the plot that Patil hatched with the other wicked men? What happens to Rakhma’s love later? All this will be showcased in the film Dholki in an absoulutly novel manner!