Fandry_movie_reviewFandry’ is a story of a young guy Jabya (Somnath Avghade) who deals with caste discrimination in his village.
Jabya is an ordinary guy, who hates being treated poorly due to background. Jabya’s father Kachrya’s (Kishor Kadam) main job is to catch pigs. However, according to village rituals, pig’s touch is considered as a taboo. Thus Kachrya and his family have no respect in the society.
On the other hand, Jabya who is dark and unattractive secretly has feelings for his classmate Shalu (Rajeshwari Kharat). However, he knew that his dream will never be fulfilled as Shalu belongs to higher cast family. He has the only friend Pirya who supports him. Jabya’s classmate Patil who belongs to an upper class always humiliates him, especially in front of Shalu.
The director of the film Nagraj has also related the incident of caste discrimination with a black sparrow. As it is shown that Jabya tries to hunt black sparrow which he wants to kill as he thinks black sparrow relates to a lower caste and killing it would eradicate the caste discrimination. At the end, Jabya finally removes his frustration on Patil and rest of villagers. His anger show us how the lower cast people feels when they are been dominated by upper class society.
The director Nagraj has also acted in the movie in a role of Shankya who repairs a cycle and he is also a good friend of Jabya. The story gives a lime light to the injustice of social backward caste people. Director ‘Nagraj Manjule’ has done fabulous job as director and actor too, in his first film. Of course the most awaited and award winning film ‘Fandry’ is must watch movie.