Gotya Review (English)



India is a Sport loving country. India leads name in Sport and it has given us many legends who have & are representing our Country on International level. Cricket, Badminton, Tennis, Kabbadi, Hockey and the list goes on which are played on International level, but have you ever thought our Childhood’s Favourite Game Gotya (Marbles) should be included as a Mandatory Sport in School and there should be a competition of it on a State, National and International level? Sounds Interesting, isn’t it? Newly released Marathi Film “Gotya” is based on the same plot.

Gotya takes place in Irsalwadi, where a happily married couple Bayja & Bajiba (Surekha Kudchi & Kamlakarkar Satpute) hope to have a baby. After 12 years of marriage, Bayja gets Pregnan. One day, she accidentally eats Goti (Marble) just before her delivery and it gives a birth to the main character of the film ‘Gotya’. Gotya has always been a notorious kid, he loves playing Gotya and after knowing about Olympics on TV, he asks his school teachers to Include Gotya (Marbles) as a Sport in Physical Education subject. It starts a Revolution of Gotya (the game) and the Boy, how his teacher (Rajesh Shrungarpure) guides and trains him for the Competition. Does he wins it or not? You will find out in the film.

The concept of the film is good but while watching you get mix feelings. On the entertainment level Gotya turns out as a Decent film. At the end, we have typical thrilling and nail bitting climax to survive.

RATING- 1.5/5*