Indian Premacha Lafda

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“Indian Premacha Lafda” is a comedy Marathi movie about the two people Vijay & Arohi who has come to Mumbai to pursue their dreams in Mumbai. Vijay is a down to earth guy, who lost his parents at young age. He lives in the chawl (building) along with his best friend Ajay, who is a gambler. On the other hand, Arohi who is new in Mumbai joins Vijay’s company and they become friends. On the first met itself, Vijay falls for Arohi. However, later he learns the fact Arohi is also an orphan and wants to get married to a boy who lives in a joint family. That is when the real fun begins.

Vijay tells his problem to Ajay and then he makes a master plan. He searches for various people who could pretend to be Vijay’s family. But will Vijay be successful in his plan? And what will happen when Arohi will get to know the truth? Watch “IPL” in your nearby theatres to know what happens in the end.

“Indian Premacha Lafda” is directed by Deepak Kadam, who has done good job. The cinematographer Prashant Misale has also done good job. However, the strip isn’t too strong, may be because it’s loosely based on ‘Eka Lagnachi Tisari Goshta’. The music of the movie is awesome and the senior actors like Vijay Patkar, Sunil Tawde, Leekha Mukund have played their part well. Co-star Santosh Mayekar has done a brilliant work. It is a debut movie of Shital Upare and Swapnil Joshi.