Kankan Review






DIRECTOR- Kranti Redkar


Jitendra Joshi- Kisu

Urmila Kanetkar- Sudhamati

Ashutosh Gaikwad- Gopi

Akash Banerjee- Wasim

Ashok Shinde- Mr. Kamat


“Kaakan is the unsuccessful love story of a true lovers, Kisu (Jitendra Joshi) and Sudhamati (Urmila kanetkar). The basic story of the film is based on “Kaakan” which means bangle. The story begins with the village kid Gopi (Ashutosh Gaikwad) who is mischievous in nature. His friends ask him to trouble Kisu as they’re bit scared of him due to his weird appearance. Later, when Gopi steals Kisu’s belonging (a box) to trobule him, he sees the emotional side of Kisu as the box is related to the past life of Kisu. Gopi feels guilty about his act and then tries to help Kisu in many ways. When he comes to know that Kisu is seriously ill, he gets doctor for him who tells him that Kisu is on the verge of dying, however, some incomplete wish is keeping him alive. He then tries to find out the real side of Kisu as who he was in the past and what made him so miserable.


While finding about the Kisu’s life, he gets to know about the love story of Kisu & Sudhamati, but he hardly finds out the details about Kisu’s past. But one fine, Kisu tells him about his incomplete love story with Sudhamati and that’s when Gopi decides to visit Mumbai to find Sudhamati. Will Gopi be able to find Sudhamati? Even if he did, will Kisu ever meet Sudhamati before he dies? And what is Kisu’s incomplete wish and what it has to do with Kaakan? To find out you must definitely watch “Kaakan” in your nearby theaters.


Overall it is the emotional love story, which shows how every charactor sacrifises their wishes in their different phases of life. Jitendra Joshi has done quiet a difficult role of an old ill man Kisu. Urmila as Sudhamati has also done a fabulous job of an cute and innocent village girl. However, child artist Ashutosh Gaikwad has steal the show by his performance of Gopi. Kranti as a debut director has really done a fabulous job. Music of the movie is so much appriciable as it perfectly suits to the situations. However, movie is bit stretched in the second half. Never than less, if you guys love emotional love stories then this is the best option for you to watch it with your partner.