“Lagi Toh Chhagi” Review



Crime world has always been a preferable subject for film-making since long and fortunately we have seen so many Cult Classics based on it, but here “Lagi To Chagi” haven’t raise the bar but yet it entertains throughout with constant twists and unfolding of backdrops.

Set in Mumbai and later in Goa, “Lagi To Chagi” is a whacky comedy-suspense-thriller-entertaining fare involving an Ambitious Loser (Abhijeet Satam), compulsive gambler, a bunch of ruthless drug dealers, crooked cops, loan sharks, international gangsters and some wild card entries. The script has enough twists and had a potential of Good film if the execution would have be little better. Rather i would say the product on paper looks better than the produce on screen. There is a Big team of 60+ artists so their Introduction is like a never ending tale, the experienced ones have done their job very well while new ones were average on screen. Musical field never had a scope though but yet you can see enough of hot chicks in all songs, thanks to the Choreography obviously. Editors could have done a better job but film’s runtime is short already, you can’t trim the 115 minutes film more so it’s decent overall. Shivdarshan Sable had a good acting unit, decent technical staff and enough help from production and he could have easily made a much better film than this, if he had worked little more on the minuses. Actually, handling this much big unit was a tough task already, so few mistakes can be ignored for the guts.

In a nutshell, “Lagi To Chagi” is a promising script and one would enjoy it at some points due to entertainment factors, some would enjoy thrills, in short it has got some thing for everyone.

Rating- 2/5*
(- Sameer Ahire)