Manatlya Unhaat – Movie Review


Release-24th July 2015
Director- Pandurang Jadhav
Producers- Vijayshree Patil
Story- Sanjay Patil
Music- Rahul Mishra
Cast-Kailash Waghmare, Mitali Jagtap, Kishore Kadam, Nagesh Bhosle, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Ruchita Jadhav, Chaya Kadam, Sonam Dongre, Sameer Panditrav, Umesh Bolke, Praful Kamble, Pramod Fadtare, Amol Naik, Pranali Ubale, Prakash Patil. Child Actors- Hansraj Jagtap, Manthan Patil, Ovishikha Patil.
Ratings: 3 ***

Manatlya Unhaat” is the story of a one simple man and his son who wants to fulfill their dreams. In this movie, father’s struggle for his family and for better happy life is been shown. Sanjay (Sameer Dharmadhikari) is the fighter pilot in a Indian Air-force who wants to create his own wine factory, but his Father (Kailash Waghmare) is opposed to it. Sanjay shares his plan with his family but no one comes forward to support him except for his younger brother. On the next day, Sanjay’s father (Everyone calls him Tatya) lefts their home without informing anyone. Everyone gets scared, while Sanjay goes to find him. However, in this process, he memorizes his past. In the past, it is shown that Tatya were very good in his studies at his childhood but for a few reasons he had to leave studies. Then he struggled hard to achieve his name. Later he gets married to Chabu (Mitali Jagtap) and starts their life. After their marriage, both face bad situations but they successfully comes out of it. What was the past of Tatya & Chabu? And will Sanjay release his mistake? To find out do watch ‘Manatlya Unhat’ this July as it also reflects every common person’s life & struggle!

It is the debut film of Pandurang Jadhav, the brother of Usha Jadhav. The direction & cinematography of the movie is fine. The music of the movie is nice and so are the locations which are totally suitable for the film. Actor Kailash Waghmare who has debuted in the lead role has done simple but amazing jon, so does Mitali Jagtap.