“Kaagar” Review


Makarand Mane was a name to remember for a classic film ‘Ringan’. Then he had forgettable project ‘Youngraad’ which can barely be called mediocre. “Kaagar” was that perfect opportunity to come back strongly where Production Value, Cast, Overall impression and almost everything falling at right place. But the direction doesn’t give a feel like ‘Ringan’.

“Kaagar” lacks the basic ornaments of writing, and the logic as well. The writer seemed confused asking himself questions like whether is it a Love Story or a political drama or a what else? The script has a story to tell about Rani (Rinku Rajguru), Yuvraj (Shubhankar Tawde) and Guruji (Shashank Shende) changing their basic perspective continuously. At one moment it looks like a smooth going love story, suddenly it turns into a political drama and then again turns the genre to thriller/suspense (not exactly). And what do we get as a final output? A Clueless Film. Moving towards the acting zone, the trio Rinku Rajguru, Shubhankar Tawde and Shashank Shende easily sells it on their acting. Even other cast members put their best. Action and violent scenes are damn realistic and perhaps the best part of the film. Music too passes quickly keeping the pace intact. Decency of cinematography and locations has been kept. Makarand Mane could have done better but overall its not that bad.

Too much of cinematic liberty and fictitious vision of writer+director has taken “Kaagar” far away from common sense. Yet its one time watch, especially if you’re Rinku’s Fan.

RATING- 2.5/ 5*

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