Maska Movie (Review)



Don’t go by it’s name, it’s not like that, here the film is completely different and there’s a lot new in it. I don’t even remember the last film i saw a film which has all the elements such as comedy, humour, realisticness and enough twists. Shockingly Maska is a complete package of whatever mentioned above and i’m in kind of you know pleasant surprise situation. Get over it and Now Let’s move towards the Review. First of all, the Plot, the main pillar and strongest point of Maska, full marks to him and i don’t have any complaints for the Writer. Especially, the Climax which will blow you away unless you’re a movie buff and has been watching so many thrilling twist tales in meantime (like me). I prefer not telling the plot here or else it will spoil all the fun but i would love to talk about characters.

Prarthana Behere has delivered the finest performance of her career. Watch out for her killer expression and quick change in attitude in some specific scenes. At the end you will love her character. What and how much to talk about this guy, Shashank Shende? This guy is one of the greatest actor currently, give him any role in any genre and he will totally nail it, like a boss. Pranav Raorane worths his selection for the tough and full of variation role, you will laugh on his action, reactions in quick turnarounds moments. Aniket Vishasrao looks handsome in entire movie. Chinmay Mandlekar completely overshadowed the opposite actor in every scene of him, strongly memorable in that post interval drunken scene.

Talking about Screenplay, it is Good, Sorry Very Good, Sufficient amount of humour and realism is there. Cinematographer has done an excellent job, being unique for every frame quality can be noticed easily while watching film on screen. When it comes to Music, there’re 3 songs in the film, 2 fades away from memory quickly but 1 stays with us, ‘Baya’ which is freaking entertaining and has foot tapping bytes. Dialogues are crispy and are capable of getting so many laugh riots from public. Last but not the least the Director, the captain of the ship, let’s take a moment and clap for Priyadarshan Jadhav. So much of Cinema making knowledge and that came in very first attempt of Direction, is just Incredible. He’s so mature director, I must give all the credit to him. Overall,

Maska is Good and certainly a watchable film for so many reasons, especially in recent time when we see a bunch of average films. Do watch it and i promise you won’t be disappointed, that’s guaranteed.

Rating 3/5*
– Sameer Ahire