‘Re Raya’ Review (English)


“Re Raya” Review –

125cr is the population of our country and still we don’t produce large number of Olympic winners athletes, why so? Because more than talent, we rely on some other stuffs such as recommendation, politics, association, selection process, corruption etc. which has overtaken this System completely. Based on this realistic theme, ‘Re Raaya’ tells the story of Aadesh (Bhushan Pradhan) who had been a tremendous athlete but was always been ignored by the System. To take a revenge he decides to train 3 Teen Boys who can fulfil his dream of receiving honorary sports award, literally he sees his dreams in their eyes.

The basic story written by Kiran Berad deserves appreciation for giving a Tight Slap on System’s face, someone had to pick this subject which might bring some improvement in System and help us to generate more and more sports talent from our country in future but, the execution for the same is not upto the level. This sensitive theme is also a social theme thus, the Execution had to be Socially yet Mass appealing but ‘Re Raaya’ focuses more on a typical film-making instead of focusing on Content. Some moments hits the right chords, such as a scene where the lead actor tears apart Association members that why India does not produce Olympic Winners, why Talent has always been overshadowed by politics? On the other side some scenes seems to be dull. Though, the songs of the film are nice but was it really necessary to include romantic songs?

Usually when you have a Strong subject in hand to tell then story-telling and direction becomes most important parts. Milind Shinde, who is a Brilliant Actor have tried his best. All the actors have performed well in the film.

Rating- 1.5/5*