“Ti & Ti” Review



Rom-Com is one of the most popular and audience friendly genre not only Marathi Cinema but also in Bollywood. We easily see 10 or more Rom-Coms annually in both the Industries, hence the excitement of watching something new does not generate. How different can you make the film in this Genre, this question is never been answered. The potential for content is very less in Rom-Coms and “Ti And Ti” is somewhere stuck with those limitations.

“Ti And Ti” has an interesting story of 3 Fresh Looking Characters, Pushkar Jog, his wife Prarthana Behere and his Ex-girlfriend (Crush would be a better word) Sonalee Kulkarni. Pushkar and Prarthana are married and on their Honeymoon trip, Pushkar meets his Ex-Crush. This Crispy thing generates interest to some level and the songs coming one after another keeps the film pacy. Although we hardly get any Laugh Riots, the decency of the Screenplay keeps the ship floating. The musical department somehow keeps the head up but same typical Rom-Com storyline along with Love Triangle and Flirting moments remains ordinary. Acting wise, Siddharth Chandekar is a surprise package and his character relates you more than anyone else. Direction of the film done by Mrinal Kulkarni is good too.

As a whole, “Ti and Ti” is a Decent one time watch and especially for the couples. This one looks lavish on screen while everyone from the cast adds the much needed freshness.

RATING – 3/5*