“Mr & Mrs Sadachari” Marathi Movie Review



“Mr & Mrs Sadachari” is a remake of the Kannada’s super-hit film “Mr & Mrs Ramachari”. However, the Marathi version of the movie has some minor changes. “Mr & Mrs Sadachari” is a story about young guy name Shiva who is a great devotee of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

At the beginning of the movie, during the history exam, young Shiva warns everyone not to cheat during the paper as everyone must be loyal to Maharaj. During the results, Shiva scores just 40%, however, he comes first in history. On the other hand, his brother Jeeva ranks first in school. Due to this reason and Shiva’s disobedience, his relationship with his father (Mohan Gokhale) is damaged to an extent where they both can’t stand each other. His father has a soft corner of Jeeva and treats him like he is the only son he has. That hurts Shiva at times.

Later, during the Shivaji Maharaj’s Rajabhishek local goons steals Maharaj’s sword, however, Shiva (now grown up) beats all the goons and gets back the sword. Shiva (Vaibhav Tatwawadi) hardly attends college and mostly hangs out with his friends Dattu (Prasad Jawde) & Bandya (Uday Nene). However, he offers help to needy students. One day, he encounters Gargi (Prarthana Behere), a damsel in distress, her distress of being ragged by seniors. She asks Shiva to help, who instantly falls in love with her and saves her from those seniors. On the other hand, even Gargi falls for Shiva. When Shiva tells his friends (Dattu & Bandya) about it, they encourage him to propose her in Shiva’s style. Next day itself, Shiva proposes her in total Marathi tradition. Soon they starts dating, however, when Shiva introduces Gargi to his friends, he gets shock of his life as he learn the fact that Gargi is Dattu’s sister. It causes problem between two friends, but quickly it gets solved. But Gargi’s mother Shubhangi (Sumukhi Pendse) doesn’t like Shiva. As their relationship grows old, they face several problems, which lead to a painful breakup. How will they come across these problems? Will Shiva’s father ever consider Shiva as a part of his life? And will Shiva be able to fight against college seniors without Gargi’s support? Find out in your nearest theater as “Mr & Mrs Sadachari” hits the theaters today onwards.

Ashish Wagh has done a dual job as a Director & Producer of the movie and we must say he has handled both the jobs fantastically. People can once again witness the sizzling chemistry between Vaibhav Tatwawadi & Prarthana Behere. It is Vaibhav’s first action movie and he has given justice to his role. It’s a treat to watch Vaibhav as an action hero, while Prarthana looks stunning in the movie. The movie has many cameos like Vijay Andalkar, Anuja Sathe, Sumukhi Pendse and Rahul Pethe. Undoubtedly Mohan Joshi is at his best. There are many songs in the film which are shot in various beautiful locations. Pankaj Padghan and V. Harikrishna have composed the music of the movie. Subhash Nakashen has beautifully choreographed ‘Jagadamba’ song.