“Mumbai Time” – Marathi Movie Review



“Mumbai Time” is a thriller drama that revolves around the life of Amar Surve, a well educated guy who then turns Gangster.

The movie starts with a shootout, where Amar (Umesh Kamat) & his friend Suresh (Rahul Mehendale) shots one of the member of Anna’s Gang Tondya in a lift. Later, Amar goes to meet Khan Baba (Ramesh Bhatkar) and tells him that he had shot Tondya. Initially Khan Baba gets disappointed as Amar had told him that he was going to shoot Ravadya (Kishore Chougule), however, later Amar explains him that if he would have shot Ravadya at the first place then police would have arrested him. Meanwhile, Mumbai police appoints Inspector Inamdar (Mahesh Manjrekar) to end the gang-war between Anna (Deepakl Shirke) & Khan baba’s gang.

Story then runs in a flashback, narrating us the reason why an educated person like Amar turned Gangster. In a flashback it is shown that Amar is a simple and down-to-earth person. However, he gets rejected in his interview when the interviewer comes to know that Amar is the son of Bhargav Surve (Sanjay Mone). Bhargav Surve is a goons who runs a bar business. When he comes to about Amar’s rejection, he tells Amar to be like him and run a bar business. However, his mother strictly opposes it as she wants to see Amar as a successful individual. On the other hand, Amar is dating his college friend Anuradha (Mrunal Dusanis). On the fine day, Amar’s best-friend Dilip gets caught with his girlfriend who turns out to be Anna’s lawyer’s daughter. On the same night, Ravadya (the right hand of Anna) calls Dilip to meet who brings Amar with him. Situation goes out of hands and to protect his friend Amar gets involved in fight. Amar stabs Ravadya and escapes from there. When Bhargav comes to know about it, he plans to send Amar out of town. However, Amar surrenders himself to the police. Inspector Dhavale arrests Amar. Later, Amar gets betrayed by his friend Dilip Bhavsar as he comes out as a witness and speaks against Amar. To protect his son, Bhargav goes to seek help from Khan Baba who is Anna’s rival. Khan Baba insures him that unless Amar is in jail, he’ll get protection, however, once he is been billed, Bhargav has to send him far away. Later that night, someone tries to attack Amar in jail, however, he get saved by Khan Baba’s man. When Anna comes to know that Khan Baba is protecting Amar, he makes other plan. Next day, Ravadya comes at Police station but doesn’t recognize Amar as his attacker. Due to which Amar gets bail.

After getting bail, Amar goes to meet Kale Master along with Anuradha and apologies about the incident that took place at that night. He also tells him that both he & Anuradha had planned to get marry and today he’ll introduce Anuradha to his family. On the other hand, Ravadya with his gang comes at Amar’s place to find him and end-up shooting his parents (Bhargav & Mai). When Amar comes home with Anuradha, he sees Suresh crying on the staircase. That’s when Amar comes to know the actual thing that had happened. Suresh who considers Bhargav as his fatherly figure, tells Amar that now it’s high time and they should take a revenge from Anna & his gang. And then deadliest battle begins. Amar later approaches Khanbaba and asks him handover a gun so that he could kill Ravadya. And that’s how the actual story begins. Will Amar be able to take his revenge or something else is been planned for Amar? And will Mahesh Inamdar be able to control the gang-war? Find out the end of this revenge story by watching the movie in your nearby theaters now.

It’s a second film of the director Sushrut Bhagwat and we have to say just like the previous one, he has done a fantastic job. Umesh Kamat has maintained the tough look really well, while Mahesh Manjrekar has once against successfully portrayed the role of an Inspector. Rahul Mehendale & Kishore Chougule plays the important role as well. Though Mrunal Dusanis has a short role in a movie, but the chemistry between Umesh & Mrunal is well presented. Songs in the movie are also fine. Overall Marathi Sanmaan rates 3/5 to “Mumbai Time”.