“Mumbai Time” Synopsis



Umesh Kamat, Mahesh Manjrekar, Mrunal Dusanis, Rahul Mehendale, Ramesh Bhatkar, Deepak Shirke, Rahul Gore, Sanjay Mone and Kishore Chougule

Director: Shshrut Bhagwat
Producer: Somnath Chitra
Music: Ashok Patki, Yogita Chitale
Lyrics: Guru Thakur
Editor: Rajesh Rao
DOP: Ajit V. Reddy

The upcoming movie “Mumbai Time” is the story of Amar Surve who belongs to the middle class family. Amar  Bhargav Surve  is a simple guy who works hard to complete his mother’s dream. However, due to his father Bhargav Surve’s negative image in society and bar business, Amar doesn’t get any job.

One fine night, Amar goes out with his friend Dilip Bhavsar and that night changes his entire life. Amar gets involved into a fight with the goon ‘Ravadya’ aka Ravaji Bhagat. In that fight, Amar stabs Ravadya and then escapes from there. When Bhargav comes to know about it, he plans to send Amar out of town. However, Amar surrenders himself to the police. Inspector Dhavale arrests Amar. Later, Amar gets betrayed by his friend Dilip Bhavsar as he comes out as a witness and speaks against Amar in court.

Next day, Ravadya comes at Police station but doesn’t recognize Amar as his attacker. Due to which Amar gets bail. Amar then goes to meet Kale Master along with Anuradha and apologies about the incident that took place at that night. On the other hand, Ravadya with his gang comes at Amar’s place to find him and end-up shooting his parents. When Amar comes home with Anuradha, he sees Suresh crying. Amar comes to know the actual thing that had happened and then begins the deadliest battle. Amar later joins Khanbaba’s gang & starts finishing to Ravdya & his Guru Anna’s gang.

During this time, Police calls A.C.P. Mahesh Inamdar to control the situation in city. Mumbai police then tries their best to hunt these gangsters to keep Mumbai city safe.

This story belongs to many such Amar Surves who in spite of been educated lands-up in the wrong place due to worst situations. In short, “Mumbai Times… a revenge story” is a movie about the rivalry of Amar Surve and A.C.P. Mahesh Inamdar.