“PANHALA” -Synopsis



Balkrishna is am intuitive tour guide who enjoys touring folks around and telling them historic tales that are significant to Panhala and the Indian culture.
After an unexpected car crash on Mountain road, Ajay and his wife sneha’s lives get entangled with the lives of Swastik and Madhavi a newly married couple.
Balkrishna is an enthusiatic local tour guide of Panhala who is also psychic.
He tells the two couple the legendaries tales of Shivaji Maharaj, Shiva Kashid, Siddhi Johar and an unknown Zunjar Rao; who is lost in history.
Through a srtange turn of events, the warning couples embark on a life changing journey that mirrors the murky side of the slowly Modernising Indian
society today. Panhala’s “Pride”, Balkrishna-Guide teaches us that making peace with history can lead us to a better future.

Nagesh Bhosle

Sangram Salvi

Samidha Guru

Amruta Sant

Makrand Deshpande