“Police Line… Ek Purn Satya” – Synopsis



Santosh  Juvekar, Jayant Savarkar, Satish Pulekar, Vijay Kadam, Pramod Pawar, Pradip Kabre, Jayvant Wadkar, Satish Salagare, Jayvant Patekar, Swapnil Rajshekhar, Pradip Patvardhan, Nisha Parulekar, Nutan Jayant, Poornima Ahire-Kend,  , Pranav Ravrane, Manoj Takane, Balkrishna Shinde, Atul Sanas, Riyaj Mulani, Sandesh Lokegaonkar, Shital Kalapur, Ashwini Surpur, Leena Palekar, Aarati Kulkarni, Dinesh More, Umesh Bolke, Parth Ghorpade, Yuvraj More, Sayali Sanjeev and Manasi Naik


Director:   Raju Parsekar
Produced : Rupali Dipak Pawar , Vaishali Nitin Pawar
Story:  Dipak Shrerang Pawar
Music: Pravin Kuwar, Abhishik Shinde
Lyrics: Kautuk Shirodkar, Nitin Tendulkar


Police Line is a place where police reside with their families, but is the environment of Police Line is same as ours? Police protects us 24×7, it is the part of their duty, but is their Police Line protected?  Does he live save & carefree lives like us? Police who keeps their eye & protects Police station, Railway station, Airport, Roads, Market area, Port, etc but is he safe in his own land?

“Police Line” focuses on all such issues of policemen’s life. Since many years, they have hid their feelings and problems which they face while working in their heart. All those issues, problems which they face in day to day life are not similar to those of our problems. This film is a medium to share those things with audience so that they could get a vision of Policemen’s life.

In India, corruption ranks on number one, however, not everyone is corrupted. Even in Police factory, some people might be corrupt but because of that we shouldn’t jump on the conclusion that entire police force is corrupt. Policemen are also a human just like. Whenever we face any problem, we share it or bring it in front of people, however, Police couldn’t do that due to their regulations. Thus, we should understand their pain and should do something for these people who protect us or risk their lives to keep us safe. This is the only motive of the film “Police Line… Ek Purna Satya”!