“Poshter Girl” Critics Review: Amazing Sense of Humor



“Poshter Girl” is a story about a small village Tekawde which has no female population due to which none of the guy in the village are married. The story talks about female infanticide which still exists in some of the rural areas of Maharashtra and India. However, the director Sameer Patil has handled the situation with ease and has presented it in real great manner.

“Poshter Girl” is not at all a sequel or even similar to that of “Poshter Boyz”. The movie is way different and creative as it is a fictional drama unlike “Poshter Boyz”. The only the common factor between these two movies is that both delivers social message along with great humor.

Director Sameer Patil and Hemant Dhome with his writing skills have created magic. If you want to make your girlfriend laugh on this Valentine’s then “Poshter Girl” is the best option to go for. The comic element in the movie is pleasure, while the jokes are fresh. The comic timing of each actor is superb, especially Hrishikesh Joshi & Jitendra Joshi. Aniket Vishwasrao has appeared in never played before role of Bajrang. He has very well played the role of a shy bodybuilder. The chemistry between the twin-mate Sandeep Pathak & Akshay Tanksale is amazing, while Siddharth Menon makes a perfect five. Another important character in the movie is the writer himself, Hemant Dhome. First time, viewers will see their favorite comedy actor in a non-comic role and trust me, he still looks charming in his simple attire. And the Poshter Girl, Sonalee Kulkarni. We have witnessed Sonalee’s role as a bindass girl in last year’s “Classmates”. Though the both roles have bit similarities, but Rupali from “Poshter Girl” is way different then Aditi from “Classmates”. The only minor thing that we noticed is that Sonalee isn’t constant with her rural tone in the first half of the movie.

“Poshter Girl” is a story set in a Tekawde village, where female infanticide is the major question. However, none of the young guy is married in the village due to no female population. The movie starts with the DJ song composed by Amitraj. And later gives brief details about the five lead characters. On the other hand, Kisanrao Thorat a poor villager calls his niece Rupali from Pune city, when the Sarpanch and his son Bharatrao (Jitendra Joshi) steal his property to build Megacity. After the entry of Rupali, the entire village goes crazy about her and irritates Kisanrao to fix their wedding. When Rupali learns the fact about Megacity and female infanticide, takes all the matters in her hand. She makes an announcement that she is ready to marry but… the person has to fit in her criteria. All the unmarried guys come to meet Rupali, but only 5 of them remains in the end to battle.

The movie has handles both the sensitive topics (female infanticide and farmer’s suicide) with ease without being preachy about it. Amitraj has once again created magic. He made the father-son duo (Anand & Adarsh Shinde) to sing together for the first (in DJ song) which now have become the youth’s favorite song.  Even the ‘simple simple’ song from the movie is melodious, while the choreography of the song is just too perfect as it describes the way these 5 lead actors dreams about their wife. Sonalee looked stunning in the entire song. The critic of Marathi Sanmaan gives 3.5/5 to the “Poshter Girl”. DO watch the movie in your nearest theater and read our story review on: http://www.marathisanmaan.com/movie/poshter-girl-marathi-movie-review