Pyaar Vali Love Story



Sanjay Jadhav’s “Pyaar Vali Love Story” is a complete bollywood masala movie. The movie is set in the backdrop of Hindu-Muslim 1992 riots. However, the story revolves around the five main characters which are Sai Tamhankar aka Aliya, Swapnil Joshi aka Amar, Upendra Limaye aka Kadar Bhai, Urmila Kanetkar aka, & Sameer Dharmadhikari aka Pashya.

The movie begins with Upendra & Sameer’s friendship! Sameer is Hindu, while Upendra is Muslim but yet these two are just like brothers. Urmila Kanetkar is Sameer’s girlfriend who is typical rowdy girl, while Sai is Upendra’s real sister who works in a parlour. Within few minutes, we could see Urmila & Sameer’s wedding. During the wedding preparations, Urmila tells Sameer to call his brother as he is the only person in his life. That’s when Swapnil Joshi who is Sameer’s brother make his entry. When Swapnil comes in Mumbai, he come across Sai and both fall in love, however, Sai didn’t realise it in the beginning but later Swapnil convinces her that even she has fallen for him.  Meanwhile, we could see a rowdy romance between Sameer & Urmila. Even Upendra who doesn’t do any work to earn starts earning.

The twist arrivals when Sai starts falling for Swapnil, but her father Nagesh Bhosle who works in a police department fix Sai’s marriage with the commissioner played by Chinmay Mandlekar. However during the wedding, Hindu-Muslim riots get started and movie takes a complete U-turn. And to know what that turn is, you should watch “Pyaar Vali Love Story” in your nearby theatres.

Apart from the direction, all the songs from the movie are superhit. The director Sanjay Jadhav had played a cameo in a song ‘Aali Lahar Kela Kahar’. Urmila Kantekar’s acting is mind-blowing. While Swapnil & Sai has really done a Pyaar Vala romance in the movie. Along with the great lead cast, there is also a huge guest cast consist of Chinmay Mandlekar, Nagesh Bhosle, Bharti Achrekar, Uday Tikekar and Kaustubh Diwan.

So guys enjoy this Diwali with “Pyaar Vali Love Story”.