“ONE MAN SHOW”



  1. Siddharth Jadhav
  2. Zakir Hussain
  3. Jyoti Subhash
  4. Sharad Bhutadiya
  5. Shanshank Shende
  6. Nitin Jadhav
  7. Mrunal Chemburkar
  8. Arvind Parab


  1. Direction & Story: RAAJ DURGE
  2. Production Banner: Karm Movies
  3. Producer: Nitin Pawar
  4. Music: Mayuresh Kelkar
  5. Cinematography: Aniket Khandagale


As I said this movie truly is a one man show which is the versatile actor Siddharth Jadhav. He has delivered a spectacular performance and I can surely say that it is one of the Siddharth Jadhav’s best performances.

The movie revolves around post independence India, which was during the year 1948 and the atrocities by a communal group called ‘Razzakars’. Razzakars were the communal group funded and promoted by the 7thnizam of Hyderabad ‘Meer Usman Ali’ the reason behind this was to declare Hyderabad as altogether a different country.

Khandgao a remote village in Marathwada was one of the places where people were terrified of Razzakkars. In that village, lived a boy named Hari (Siddharth Jadhav) with his mother (Jyoti Subhash). Hari is an innocent boy who often gets beaten by the villagers for his habit of stealing goats and hens as he was obsessed with meat. Once when Satyagrahis turns up in the village to free the people of Khandgao from the atrocities of Razzakars, Hari joins them because he gets tempted by the goat which is with them. However, later he leaves them.

The story takes a turn when Razzakars enters the village as that’s when the battle broke down between Razzakars & Satyagrahis. Later, situations turn in such a way that Hari an innocent villager tends to fight the entire group of Razzakars. Basically this story tells us that how every common individual can fight for their rights like hari..

Sidharth Jadhav’s performance as Hari is simply outstanding. He carried the innocence and maturity of the character very well. After him the only character which stands out is of Zakir Hussain, who played the role of the leader of the Razzakar’s group named Dilavar Khan. His Marathi debut will surely be remembered. The other cast includes Jyoti Subhash, Sharad Bhutadiya, Shanshank Shende, Nitin Jadhav, Mrunal Chemburkar Arvind Parab & more. The concept of the movie brilliant as it’s something new & unknown to today’s generation, although the treatment given to the story is ok. Director Raaj Durge should have been little crisp with the direction as well as the editing. Music of the movie is bit average. There’s not even a single track which can be remembered after the movie. In the end, I can just say that if you are Siddharth Jadhav’s fan then you should definitely watch this movie.


By: Prashant Jadhav