“Sairat” Movie Review




“Sairat” is a story of a two young individuals coming from the diverse background who falls in love with each other. Parshya (Akash Thosar) is a shy, scholar and a smart guy who belongs to a lower caste family. On the other hand, Archie (Rinku Rajguru) is a fearless and blunt girl. Her father is the well-known politician of the village. The movie is been directed by the award winning director Nagraj Manjule. Apart from the movie, what attract the audience are the songs of the movie composed by Ajay-Atul.

“Sairat”, the movie starts with a cricket match between the two villages. In the beginning of the match, team bittergaon is in losing efforts, while the captain of the team Parshya (Akash Thosar) is nowhere around. He runs his way out to have a glimpse of Archie who he secretly crushes on. However, when he returns on field, he scored sixes & fours to win the match. Later, Parshya keeps on stalking Archie in college, near her house and even near the well. Archie notices it and confronts him, to which he gives a sly answer. Archie gets impressed and hints him that even she likes him. Then listening to his friend’s advice, he sends her a love letter which she refuse to take at the first place just to test his patience. However, later she accepts the letter and even saves Parshya from getting beaten-up from her cousin.

Parshya’s dream comes true and both the young souls starts dating. However, the story takes a nasty turn when both Parshya & Archie get caught during Prince (Archie’s real brother) birthday party. Prince and his friends beat Parshya & his friend and then warn his parents to send Parshya at Karnala (away from the village). Nevertheless, both Archie & Parshya couldn’t stay away from each other and they decide to run away. Archie, Parshya along with their friends Salim & Lagdya runs from Karnala just to get caught by the cops. Archie’s father (who is the politician of the village) files a case against Parshya & his family that they had abducted their daughter. But Archie states that she was the one who asked Parshya to run along with her. After getting bail, Parshya & his friend gets free from police custody however Prince & his friends tries to destroy them. When Archie witnesses it, she goes for their rescue and then both (Parshya & Archie) runs away from bittergaon for good. But that’s not the end of the story! To know what happens next, you definitely need to watch “Sairat” in your nearby theaters.

Nagraj Manjule has once proven us why his is a National award winning director. “Sairat” is superbly directed movie and not just that Nagraj has also debuted in the movie in a small role. While our newbies Rinku & Akash are mind-blowing. Who can say that they haven’t acted before? After watching “Sairat” you would definitely know why Rinku won National Film Award. Along with the lead actors, we also appreciate the acting skills of the supporting cast of the movie. Coming to the important factor of the movie, Ajay-Atul have created a magic once again. All the four songs of the movie are superb and are treat to our ears. And the last but not the least, Zee Studios have added another amazing movie in their list. However, the second half of the movie is quite boring and it feels that the movie is stretched unnecessarily. Thus, Marathi Sanmaan gives 4/5 to “Sairat”!