“Shinma” Synopsis



“Shinma” is a story about story about unsuccessful but happy-go-lucky film director K. Vasu and his friend cum production manager Pankaj Satghare who supports him throughout his journey. Vasu is willing to work on any film/ project to collect money for the operation of his wife Ranjana who is in coma.

The story is also about the Gujurati couple Sachha Ganda & Kokila Ben, who had met during the premiere of the Bollywood film ‘Sholay’ and had fallen in love with each other. When Vasu comes to know about this story, he tells them that he’ll remake ‘Sholay’ in Marathi and convince them to be producers of the film. Then he searched the actors for the cast of Jay, Viru, Basanti, Gabbar and Thakur.

Later, the entire unit of Marathi Sholay comes in Marathwada’s village ‘Dhulpati’ for shoots. However, they face many problems as the village is draught affected. More to that, the shoots is been interrupted by the villagers as they have never seen shooting before. On the other hand, the social worker NavinBhau and the Sarpanch Jhagade Patil puts different conditions infront of Vasu & Pankaj (saying if they want to shoot in this village, they have to fulfill their demands). What are these demands? Now what will Vasu do? Will Vasu be able to complete his shoots? Will Ranjana come out from Coma? “Shinma” also tells us about “Save Water, Save Life”.

Ajinkya Deo, Vijay Patkar, Kishori Shahane, Yateen Karyekar, Ganesh Yadav, Anshuman Vichare, Sanskruti Balgude, Saurabh Gokhale, Jaywant Wadkar, Arun Kadam, Ashish Pawar, Digamber Naik, Abhijeet Chavan, Nisha Parulekar, Neelam Khandare, Ananda Karekar, Kishor Nadalaskar, Rahul Belapurkar, Guru Anand and Gurleen Chopra.

Director: Milind Kavde
Producer: Anil Joshi
DOP: Santonio Terezio
Story: Ashok Zhagade, Prakash Bhagwat & Milind Kavde
Screen Play: Milind Kavde, Deepak Thuba, Prakash Bhagwat & Sagar Wankhede
Music: Varun Likhate & Rohan-Rohan
Lyrics: Jai Atre, Rahul Salve & Sagar Wankhede
Editor: Pranav Patel
Art Director: Sandip Kunchikorwe
Choreographer: Ganesh Acharya