“Shortcut” -Movie Review




DIRECTOR  –   Harish Raut

CAST          –   Rajesh Shringarpure

Vaibhav Tatwawdi

Sanskruti Balgude

Naresh Bidkar

Yogita Pardeshi

Uday Nene

PRODUCER –  Mukesh Chaudhari

GENRE         –  Action Drama

STARS          –   * * ½
There is an exciting trend of handling various subjects in Marathi film industry. Shortcut is one of such different films. The film deals with cybercrime and the current generation.

“Shortcut..” is a story of Rohit Pradhan (Vaibhav Tatwawadi), a 20 year old introvert guy from a middle class family. With lack of any intresting hobbies and spoken skills, suppressed thoughts, social fear. He never managed to create his identity among his friends since his childhood. He has never felt his existence in the society. On the flipside, he is a genius of computer algorithms and hacking. He is desperately in search for a unique indentity and dreams of becoming noticeable to all. When Ishika (Sanskruti Balgude) enters into his life and it’s a love at first site for Rohit. Rohit uses different hacking skills to impress Ishika. After that Ishika also started love him but the happiness cut short, when ACP, Rajesh Nimbalkar(Rajesh Shringarpure) enters into his life and story changes completely

I will say movie has wonderful topic like cyber crime but while watching it we feel little confusion about it. Concept which they want to show its not cleared. Expecting one ‘Tuch tu’ song every song of this movie is in hindi which we can say negative point of this movie. Every actor has done amazing acting but after interval it becomes so lengthy to watch. So to just enjoy a different kind of movie and some timepass you should watch this movie.