SHUTTER – Review



“Shutter” is the suspense movie that revolves around three people, Jitendra (Sachin Khedekar), Ekya (Amey Wagh) and South Indian director (Prakash Bare). At the end of the movie, director V.K. Prakash has delivered the social message which opens the shutter of our minds.

The movie begins with Jitendra’s daughter Pari (Kaumudi Walokar), a bubbly girl who wants to fulfil her dream of becoming a singer. On the other hand, Jitendra is a strict & narrow minded. When he once sees Pari hanging out with her friends near college, he fires her on road and holds her hand & gets her home. Pari in-spite of hating this behaviour, choose not to speak. Her mother (Radhika Harshe) is an obedient wife who never speaks anything against Jitendra. Jitendra been orthodox & short-tempered gets furious on Pari for hanging out with her friends and then plans her engagement with his friend’s son. When Pari comes to know about it, she refuses to marry, while his wife tells Jitendra that she’ll call her brother at the engagement (Jitendra have filed a case against his brother-in-law for not paying the rent of the shop and thus, he dislikes him). The story has another chapter a South Indian director, who comes to Mumbai to fulfil his dream of becoming a successful director. While going for the meeting with Madhuri Dixit, he forgets his scripts in auto which is drive by Ekya (Amey Wagh). When the director releases that he has forgot the script, he searches for Ekya and his auto but couldn’t able to find it. Meanwhile, Jitendra who is frustrated with his family & life, meets his friends for booze in an garage (which is owned by Jitendra). Ekya is Jitendra’s friend. At night, his friends leave for home, however Jitendra tells Ekya that he has to drink more and thus, they go to buy some more booze, where Jitendra sees a lady wearing sari. Ekya notices it and approaches that lady who is basically a slut (played by Sonalee Kulkarni). She is impressed by Sachin’s personality and agrees to come, however they don’t get any hotel room and thus they finally lands up in garage. After some time, Jitendra changes her mind, but Ekya tells him that she has especially agreed to come and now if we’ll ask her to leave then she can create nuisance at night. As the lady get hungry, Ekya goes to get food for her and locks the shutter from outside. While buying the food, he meets the director who is on his way to return to Bangalore to get another copy of his script. Director asks Ekya about the bag and asks him to take him at the shutter, but at the same time, Rohit Raut & his band ‘Gust’ comes there to celebrate their victory and make the director & Ekya drunk. On the other hand, inside the shutter, the lady tries to get intimate with Jitendra but he doesn’t do anything with her and so she sleeps away. Jitendra gets tempted but tries to control himself. Here, while returning to shutter, Ekya & Director gets caught in drink & drive case. Ekya plead to cops saying ‘his boss is waiting for him as he wants to deliver food to them’, but cops doesn’t listens to him. Ekya then calls on Jitendra’s number and tells him that he couldn’t come to open the shutter as he is been trapped in police station, but soon he realises that Jitendra has forgot his phone at home and thinks that Jitendra’s wife has picked up the phone. Who has picked the phone & who’ll open the shutter is the mystery.

It is the debut Marathi film of the renowned South Indian director V.K. Prakash. Though the direction of the movie is superb but it lacks the flavour of entertainment. There is a vast difference between the movie & its trailer, however, the message delivery by the director is really worth watching. Sachin Khedekar & Sonalee Kulkarni has performed at their best, while Amey Wagh is the screen-stealer. Song composed by Rohit Raut & his band ‘Gust’ is totally rocking. Marathi Sanmaan gives “Shutter” 3*** out of 5!

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