Veerat Veer Maratha – Synopsis



Shiva is the simple and loyal police officer. His family includes mother and sister. Shiva’s team-Mane Wagale and Sachin. The team never arrest, they directly encounter on the spot . But once Goon Mustafa was shot by Shiva so some goons came to his place to harm him but he manages to escape from there. And after long investigation they come to know the master mind behind this.
One fine day a girl name Rani comes to police station to lodge a complaint and Shiva falls for her. And both get married. Mustafa’s elder brother Babar attacks second time on Shiva and this time also he somehow again manages to escape. However Shiva’s colleague Mane gets killed by Babar. For revenge Babar with his gang goes to Shiva’s place and this time Shiva’s mother and sister gets killed by Babar in this attack but Rani survives. And then Shiva’s team try hard to find Babar. They attack Babar, but he kills Mane and runs away from there to his native Bihar.
So what will happend next???? stay tuned and watch Veerat Veer Maratha .