Vitti Dandu



“Vitti Dandu” is a periodic film which is set on the background of the British rule. The story revolves around the relationship between a Grandfather and Grandson. As per the movie’s title, the movie is based on the Indian game “Vitti Dandu” which was popular among the kids until mid 1970’s.

The story begins with the modern grandfather (played by Ravindra Mankani) who comes to pick his grandson (Shubhankar Atre) who is totally into video games and modern technology. He takes his grandson to the Morgaon where he had spent his childhood. At Morgaon, grandson gets introduce with the game Vitti Dandu. As he is typical modern guy, he has no clue what this game is all about. Thus, his Grandfather teaches him how to play the game and also narrates a story that how this game had created nuisance in Morgaon during pre-independence.

The story revolves around the person name Daji (Dilip Prabhavalkar) and his grandson Govind (Nishant Bhavsar). Daji is the follower of British due to which villagers keeps on taunting them, while Govind is a young boy who is a great Vitti Dandu player. Daji is a very possessive about Govind as after the death of his son & daughter-in-law in a shoot out, Govind is the only family to him. Further in the movie, it is shown that how British use to rule on India. However, the story takes turn when Govind accidently hits Vitti to the one of the chief British officer due to which officer dies.

“Vitti Dandu” is the debut Marathi movie of the Bollywood star Ajay Devgan as a producer. Actors had made justice to their roles. The chemistry with Grandson (Dilip Prabhavalkar) & Govind (Nishant Bhavsar) is quite amazing. Director Ganesh Kadam has done an excellent job, while the movie songs are also impressive. So do watch “Vitti Dandu”, releasing on 21st November 2014 in your nearby theatres.