“Galti Se Mistake” Review (Natak)


“Galti Se Mistake” a new Marathi Drama promises to be ‘A Comedy which shouldn’t be missed’ and luckily it manages to live up to all the Promises. When a Good writing meets the Physical laughters then it is certain that all ages of groups can enjoy the product. The title might have had the ‘Mistake’ word in it but on stage there are probably no mistakes found.

The story is Simple thus generates interest from the beginning itself where we see a Thief (Aashish Pawar) entering the house with the perspective of robbery but gets caught by Father and Daughter duo played by Sanjay Khapare and Chetna Bhat respectively. Later, the Hungama is created when Father-Daughter tries to blackmail the thief for the sake of their Benefit. At the end we get to know who was that Thief actually and why did he enter that house with strong social message to all ages of people in our family/society. As an Actor Aashish Pawar kick-starts the laugh riot with high energy and never loses the tempo and high energy till the end. His expression, dialogues and physical laughters becomes popular in crowd till we reach to the End of the play. Sanjay Khapare plays kind of any guy but still provides the enough laughter. Chetna Bhat has got some quirky lines and hilarious physical exercise. The writing by Vaibhav Parab might have some mistakes and loo breaks but a complete Entertaining vision of Director Sanjay Khapare recovers that loss.

As a whole, ‘Galti Se Mistake’ is a Good Comedy Drama for the Family Audience because it doesn’t stay in limit for any particular audience. It has a wide reach, whether it is Kids, Youths, Female Audience or Senior Citizens everyone gets something to cheer in this Narrative. It also makes sure, you don’t lose that smile on your face until you leave the auditorium and that Energetic Performance by Aashish Pawar stays in memory for some time at least.

RATING- 3.5/5*